AlexandriaDigital library for old books11 months
AlienLandscapesA Mastodon bot that generates alien landscapes using stable diffusion4 weeks
AncientBitRetro-looking Wordpress template11 months
ChronosArduino clock11 months
DeepElephantGPT-3 Mastodon bot4 weeks
DoggoBotMastodon bot that posts pictures of dogs11 months
GardenBotMastodon bot that creates voxel gardens11 months
HoraCommand-line time tracker11 months
Kim Jong-Il looking at thingsMastodon bot that posts pictures of Kim Jong-Il looking at things4 weeks
MagicBotMastodon bot that posts Magic The Gathering illustrations11 months
MeowBotMastodon bot that posts pictures of cats11 months
NexusDjango mothership5 months
PersistenceTerminal-based RPG-like personal task manager8 months
PoeticusMastodon bot that posts random pieces of poetry11 months
RaMastodon bot that generates procedural text based on the Law of One11 months
RandomBotMastodon bot that posts random facts11 months
RebirthVaporware roguelike written in C++11 months
RelayMinionIRC bot that posts updates from Reddit11 months
SarAIA tiny terminal interface for OpenAI's GPT-33 weeks
SerenityVirtual space garden based in Evennia3 weeks
Signal2NoiseVHS-like noise generator4 weeks
SpiderTubeWeb crawler that outputs YouTube subscription updates to Neocities11 months
StargenGalaxy generator11 months
TibiraA terminal-based economy simulator10 hours
UnconsciousBotMastodon bot that generates procedural text based on Jung's writings11 months