abuelaflamaDumb bot for Matrix 7 weeks
alexandriaDigital library for old books 7 weeks
alienlandscapesA Mastodon bot that generates alien landscapes using stable diffusion 7 weeks
ancientbitRetro-looking Wordpress template 7 weeks
chronosArduino clock 7 weeks
deepelephantGPT-3 Mastodon bot 3 weeks
doggobotMastodon bot that posts pictures of dogs 7 weeks
fractalitoMastodon bot that posts animated geometric patterns 3 weeks
gardenbotMastodon bot that creates voxel gardens 7 weeks
horaCommand-line time tracker 7 weeks
kim Mastodon bot that posts pictures of Kim Jong-Il looking at things 7 weeks
librabotMatrix fun bot 7 weeks
lunarphaseLunar phase bot for Mastodon 7 weeks
magicbotMastodon bot that posts Magic The Gathering illustrations 7 weeks
meowbotMastodon bot that posts pictures of cats 7 weeks
nexusDjango mothership 3 weeks
persistenceTerminal-based RPG-like personal task manager 7 weeks
poeticusMastodon bot that posts random pieces of poetry 7 weeks
quizIRC-based trivia bot 7 weeks
ra Mastodon bot that generates procedural text based on the Law of One 7 weeks
randombotMastodon bot that posts random facts 7 weeks
rebirthVaporware roguelike written in C++ 7 weeks
relayminionIRC bot that posts updates from Reddit 7 weeks
saraiA tiny terminal interface for OpenAI's GPT-3 3 weeks
serenityVirtual space garden based in Evennia 7 weeks
signal2noiseVHS-like noise generator 7 weeks
spidertube Web crawler that outputs YouTube subscription updates to Neocities 7 weeks
stargenGalaxy generator 7 weeks
tibiraA terminal-based economy simulator prototype 7 weeks
unconsciousbotMastodon bot that generates procedural text based on Jung's writings 7 weeks
wallabotA Wallapop scrapper that generates a website with results 3 days