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+6 million lives were saved by Bill Gates with vaccines and better healthcare.
+Ancient Babylonians did math in base 60 instead of base 10. That's why we have 60 seconds in a minute and 360 degrees in a circle.
+Harry Potter books have been translated into more than 70 languages.
+Human inhabitants first settled in the Amazon rainforest at least 11,200 years ago.
+There is a pilgrimage site in Sri Lanka that is holy to four religions for a "sacred footprint": Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism and Christianity.
+The Sun formed about 4.6 billion years ago from the collapse of part of a giant molecular cloud that consisted mostly of hydrogen and helium.
+Iran arrested 14 squirrels for spying in 2007.
+Nearly one tourist has died every week in Hawaii, on average, from 2012 to 2015.
+3 in every 10 teen girls in the U.S. get pregnant.
+3.4 million people die each year from water-related causes.
+A young Isaac Newton once threatened to burn his mother and stepfather alive.
+In Peru, there's a billboard that creates drinkable water out of thin air.
+In 2005, an Ethiopian girl was being brutally beaten by 7 men when a pride of lions chased them away. They even stayed with her until help arrived.
+Benjamin Franklin wrote "Fart Proudly", a scientific essay about farts.
+Popcorn was first domesticated in Mexico 9,000 years ago.
+The 2011 earthquake near Japan increased the Earth's rotation speed, shortening the day by 1.8 microseconds.
+When Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin landed on the Moon, they honored soviet cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin by leaving behind one of his medals.
+Sweat itself is odorless. It's the bacteria on the skin that mingles with it and produces body odor.
+Pluto was discovered by a young research assistant in 1930.
+Killing someone to prevent the theft of property is legal in Texas.
+In 1900, all the world's mathematical knowledge could be written in about 80 books; today it would fill more than 100,000 books.
+Pluto, Mickey Mouse's dog, was named after the planet, not the other way around.
+All pandas in the world are on loan from China.
+In 1989, Margaret Thatcher pleaded with Mikhail Gorbachev to keep the Berlin Wall up.
+China uses 45 billion chopsticks per year.
+There's only one STOP sign in the entire city of Paris.
+The Titanic could have been saved if it wasn't for a 30-second delay in giving the order to change course after spotting the iceberg.
+In 2013, a fake tweet temporarily wiped out US$130 billion off the stock market.
+A tiger's roar can be heard as far as 1.8 miles (3 km) away.
+It's illegal for foreigners to take Indian currency (rupees) out of India.
+Recycling one ton of paper saves 682.5 gallons of oil, 7,000 gallons of water and 3.3 cubic yards of landfill space.
+With over 4 billion people and 30% of Earth's total land area, Asia is the Earth's largest and most populous continent.
+New Brain Connections Are Created Every Time You Form a Memory.
+The Pentagon has a plan for combating a zombie apocalypse.
+Civilian casualties on D-Day and D+1 are estimated at 3,000 people.
+North Korean archaeologists announced the world in 2012 they "discovered" lair of the UNICORN ridden by legendary King Tongmyung 2000 years ago.
+Every minute,2 million searches are performed on Google.
+A beautiful face attracts more partners than a beautiful body, according to a scientific survey.
+There is a persistent storm at Lake Maracaibo, Venezuela. Lightning storms occur for about 10 hours a night, 140 to 160 nights a year, for a total of about 1.2 million lightning discharges per year.
+27,000 trees are felled each day for toilet paper.
+Farting helps reduce high blood pressure and is good for your health.
+The Blue-ringed octopus is one of the world's most venomous marine animals: it can kill you in one bite, there is no anti-venom.
+People who spend a lot of time on the internet are more likely to be depressed, lonely and mentally unstable, a study found.
+Until the 1970s in Belgium, table beer was served in schools refectories.
+When Fidel Castro seized power in Cuba, he immediately ordered all game sets of Monopoly to be destroyed.
+In 2010, the Catholic Church had an income of US$97 billion.
+Monkey brains are eaten as a delicacy in parts of China, South Asia and Africa.
+The roar of a lion can be heard from 8 kilometers (5.0 miles) away.
+Australian koalas are in danger of extinction because over half of them have chlamydia.
+Classical Greek culture, which flourished during the 5th to 4th centuries BC, had a powerful influence on the Roman Empire and provided the foundation of modern Western culture.
+Goldfish can see infrared radiation that is invisible to us.
+Chimpanzees share 99% of their DNA with humans, and mice are 98% genetically similar to humans.
+Men with attractive wives report higher levels of satisfaction with their marriages, a study says.
+The three largest branches of Christianity are the Roman Catholic Church, the Eastern Orthodox Church and the various denominations of Protestantism.
+Dinosaurs lived on Earth for 150 million years. We've been around for just 0.1% of that time.
+15 billion cigarettes are smoked worldwide every day.
+Goldfish can't close their eyes as they have no eyelids.
+In 2008, a chimpanzee named Anjana adopted and raised two baby white tigers named Mitra and Shiva after a hurricane.
+WW1 was the sixth deadliest conflict in world history.
+The smallest known dinosaur was about four inches (10 cm) tall and weighed less than a chihuahua.
+Nelson Mandela was South Africa's first black president.
+Leonardo DiCaprio's name is Leonardo because his mother was standing in front of a Leonardo Da Vinci's portrait when he first kicked.
+Hiroshima and Nagasaki are not radioactive anymore mostly because the bombs didn't touch the ground but were detonated in the air.
+In 1990, Harry Potter author J. K. Rowling was on a crowded train from Manchester to London when the idea for Harry suddenly "fell into her head".
+11.2 million people live in Cuba as of 2019.
+"Adolf Schicklgruber" would have been Hitler's name. His father changed his last name in 1877.
+At least 690 executions were recorded by Amnesty International in 20 countries in 2018, a decrease of 31% compared to 2017.
+Prostitutes in the Netherlands pay taxes.
+At least 1 in 25 people sentenced to the death penalty in the U.S. are innocent.
+Over 1.5 million Venezuelans --4% to 6% of the country's population-- left Venezuela following Hugo Chavez's Bolivarian Revolution.
+Leif Erikson is regarded as the first European to land in North America, nearly 500 years before Columbus.
+Banana ketchup is popular in the Philippines.
+The South American revolutionary Simon Bolivar was, at various times, president of Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Venezuela.
+14 billion pounds (6B Kg.) of garbage are dumped into the ocean every year. Most of it is plastic.
+A Father's Diet Before Conception Plays a Crucial Role in a Child's Health.
+When George Washington passed away in 1799, Britain's entire Royal Navy lowered its flags at half mast.
+Low vitamin D levels during pregnancy have been linked to autism.
+1 in 5 people in the world still lacks access to modern electricity.
+After the Vietnam war, farmers recycled thousands of external fuel tanks from U.S. aircraft to create river boats and canoe.
+In Thailand, Burma, Sri Lanka, Cambodia and Lao, the Buddhist New Year is celebrated for three days.
+In 2012, Elvis Presley's underwear was auctioned off but no one bought it.
+We Are Living In The Most Peaceful Time In Human History.
+In Iran, a law from 2013 allows Men to marry their 13-year-old adopted daughters.
+Monkeys can count.
+Steve Jobs was dyslexic.
+The Mount Everest grows 0.1576 inches (4mm) each year.
+No man has been on the Moon in the last 41 years.
+Elvis Presley didn't write any of his songs.
+The Death Penalty is legal in 32 U.S. states.
+In 2001, Argentina had 5 presidents in 10 days.
+It took Danny Elfman just two days to compose The Simpsons famous theme in 1989.
+The Eiffel Tower was built for the 1889 Paris Exposition and was not intended to be permanent.
+Martin Luther King Jr. plagiarized a significant portion of his doctoral dissertation from one written by another student 3 years earlier.
+With over 95.5 million inhabitants as of 2019, Egypt is the most populous country in the Arab world and the third-most populous in Africa.
+The second-largest lake in Bolivia is called Lake Poopo. It's not a freshwater lake.
+It's scientifically proven: being in love makes you a less productive person.
+On any given workday, up to 50,000 employees worked in the WTC twin towers before 9/11.
+It snowed in the Sahara Desert in 1979.
+Over 20,000 people die of Cancer every day.
+In 1994, a 75-pound bag of cocaine fell out of a plane and landed in the middle of a Florida crime watch meeting.
+1 billion people speak English. That's 1 in every 7 on earth.
+Between 1974 and 1983, up to 30,000 people went "missing" in Argentina. Most were killed by the military junta running the country.
+Anne Frank's family was denied visas by the U.S. because of stricter immigration policies.
+The Queen of the Netherlands is Argentinian.
+The Titanic's chief baker "fortified" himself with alcohol and thus survived the freezing water for 2 hours until he was rescued.
+Hawaii's largest-ever earthquake occurred in 1868 and the aftershocks are still being observed.
+In 2011, the population of Ireland was about 6.4 million, ranking it the second-most populous island in Europe after Great Britain.
+Most homes in Bolivia have a dried llama fetus thrown under its foundations for luck.
+Horses can sleep standing.
+An earthquake on Dec. 16, 1811 caused parts of the Mississippi River to flow backwards.
+William Shakespeare's six surviving signatures have different spellings, including "Shakspere.
+Shaksper" and "Shakspeare.". The right spelling has been in dispute for centuries.
+When the first prototype of Apple's iPod was shown to Steve Jobs, he dropped it in an aquarium and used the air bubbles to prove there was empty space and it could be made smaller.
+Earth is the only place in the solar system where a total solar eclipse can happen.
+The tiger's stripes are not only found on their fur, but also on their skin.
+There is more CO2 (carbon dioxide) in the atmosphere today than at any point in the last 800,000 years.
+In Switzerland, some people still regularly eat dog and cat meat. It's legal in the country.
+Google hired a camel to create the Street View of a desert.
+There's a virus that attacks human DNA making people less intelligent, impairing brain activity, learning and memory.
+Square Watermelons are grown by Japanese farmers for easier stack and store.
+A new scientific method called 'toxineering' turns venoms into painkillers.
+Elvis Presley was naturally blonde. He dyed his hair black.
+The "smell of rain" is caused by a bacteria called actinomycetes.
+About a third of all Jewish people alive at that time were murdered in the Holocaust.
+Texas declared its independence from Mexico in 1836 and became a Republic until it joined the U.S. in 1845.
+Every hour, at least 1 person is killed by a drunk driver in the U.S.
+A Colombian woman was raised by monkeys after being kidnaped and abandoned in the jungle as a child.
+A face-recognition software determined that Leonardo Da Vinci's Mona Lisa is 83% happy, 9% disgusted, 6% fearful, and 2% angry.
+China is the world's largest exporter and second-largest importer of goods.
+A new word in English is created every 98 minutes.
+In North Korea, the year is counted after the birth of its founder, Kim II-Sung. In 2013, it was the year 202.
+North Korea is the world's only necrocracy: a government that still operates under the rules of a former, dead leader.
+Judas sold Jesus for the equivalent of 4 months' pay of a working man.
+The Simpsons crew sent flowers to South Park studios when they parodied Family Guy.
+Thousands of marine creatures die by mistakenly swallowing plastic bags that resemble jellyfish.
+The Statue of Liberty used to have a reddish brown color.
+Iceland has Europe's largest banana plantation.
+Snakes can open their mouth up to 150 degrees.
+Over 5,000 climbers have successfully reached Mount Everest's peak, including a 13-year-old, a blind person, and a 73-year-old woman.
+Lionesses find lions with darker manes more attractive.
+During the Christmas season, almost 28 LEGO sets are sold every second.
+If you announce your goals to others, you are less likely to make them happen because you lose motivation, studies confirmed.
+1.3 million Earths could fit inside the sun, an average-sized star.
+Italy is the largest producer of wine in the world.
+In 1600, a volcano eruption in Peru caused a famine that killed about 2 million people in Russia.
+Sam Houston, the general who won Texas independence from Mexico, was removed from his post as Governor after refusing to support the Confederacy on the Civil War.
+Bill Gates continued to fly coach until 1997, when his net worth was already US$36 billion.
+Four Japanese scientists measured the amount of friction between a shoe, a banana skin and the floor: it's 0.07.
+Sweden has the largest scale model of the solar system in the world. It is in the scale of 1:20 million and stretches 950 km across the country.
+There are more than 1,000 species of banana. We eat only one of them.
+The Golden Gate Bridge project cost more than US$35 million, completing ahead of schedule and under budget.
+Jamaica, Colombia and St Lucia are the only countries where a woman is more likely to be a boss than a man.
+Mexican General Santa Anna had an elaborate state funeral for his amputated leg.
+The oldest octopus fossil is 296 million years old.
+Research conducted on comedians and funny people have shown they are usually more depressed than average.
+You can tell the age of a whale by counting the rings in its earwax.
+Canada's lowest recorded temperature was -81.4 degrees Fahrenheit (-63 C) in 1947.
+Every second, Americans collectively eat 100 pounds of chocolate.
+Despite being a Jew, Karl Marx hated Judaism and said that "money is the jealous god of Israel.".
+The UK spent US$15.8 billion in a health service computer system that failed and was shut down in 2013.
+When a Google employee dies, their spouses receive half pay from the company for 10 years and their children US$1,000 per month until they turn 19.
+There is a prison in Bolivia where inmates rent their own cells, can live with their families, charge tourists for tours and at one point produced almost all the cocaine in Bolivia.
+The cities of Aachen, Regensburg, Frankfurt-am-Main, Nuremberg, Weimar, Bonn and Berlin have all been capitals of Germany.
+There was a Jewish-Austrian doctor who didn't charge Hitler's family due to their economic hardship. Hitler had him protected and called him "Noble Jew".
+The Netherlands close eight prisons in 2013 due to lack of criminals.
+The budget for the Movie "Titanic" was higher than the Titanic itself.
+In Korea and Japan, there is a Cat Cafe where you can go to drink coffee and hang out with cats for hours.
+There's a nail polish that detects date rape drugs by dipping a finger into the drink.
+Al Pacino was the first "face" on Facebook.
+The Macaw is the national animal of Brazil.
+JFK bought 1,200 cuban cigars just hours before signing the embargo against Cuba.
+There are 17 to 20 species of penguins, depending on which scientist you ask.
+With some males exceeding 250 kg (550 lb) in weight, the Lion is the second-largest living cat after the tiger.
+One tiger alone killed 430 people in Nepal and India in the 19th century.
+Leonardo Da Vinci was the first to explain why the sky is blue.
+Olympic Gold Medals only contain 1.34% of gold.
+Cocaine can be purchased for about US$5 per gram in Colombia while in the U.S. it sells for at least US$100.
+More Colombians die every year from American tobacco than Americans die from Colombian cocaine.
+Hawaii, Vermont, Alaska, and Maine have all banned billboards.
+Brazil was once called "United States of Brazil.".
+The least corrupt countries in the world are New Zealand and Denmark, according to the Corruptions Perception Index.
+The national anthem of Spain has no words.
+Christopher Columbus correctly predicted an eclipse to trick the native inhabitants of Jamaica into giving him food and supplies.
+The city of Lusail, host of the 2022 FIFA World Cup Final game, does not exist yet.
+Benjamin Franklin, one of the Founding Fathers of the U.S., was also a leading author, printer, political theorist, politician, freemason, postmaster, scientist, inventor, civic activist, statesman, and diplomat.
+Elvis Presley is considered the best-selling individual artist of all time, with over 500 million records sold.
+Brazil occupies 47.3% of South America and borders all other countries except Ecuador and Chile.
+The Amazon represents more than half of the Earth's rainforests.
+Most Hindus say Euthanasia interrupts the timing of the cycle of rebirth and both the doctor and patient will take on bad karma as a result.
+1,665 steps are needed to climb all the way to the top of the Eiffel Tower.
+Mars is red because it is covered in rust (iron oxide).
+75%of people who marry partners from an affair eventually divorce.
+An Octopus with 96 tentacles was caught in Japan in 2008.
+30 million people in China live on less than US$1 per day, as of 2019.
+Kissing can cause tooth decay.
+The smallest horse in the world is just 17 inches (43 cm) tall and weighs 57 lb (26 kg).
+Sam Houston, the general who won Texas independence from Mexico, was removed from his post as Governor after refusing to support the Confederacy on the Civil War.
+The Quran, Islam's most sacred book, means recitation in Arabic.
+2200 years ago, Eratosthenes estimated the Earth's circumference using math, without ever leaving Egypt. He was remarkably accurate. Christopher Columbus later studied him.
+A Jewish sect, Neturei Karta, supports Palestine and calls for a peaceful dismantling of the State of Israel.
+Since 1900, there have been an average of 18 major earthquakes and one great earthquake per year.
+The word "volcano" originally comes from the name of the Roman god of fire, Vulcan.
+If you have US$10 in your pocket and no debts, you are wealthier than 25% of Americans.
+The southernmost active volcano on Earth is in Antarctica. It spews crystals and is very close to the U.S. Research Center.
+People who endure more than 45-minute commute are 40% more likely to divorce.
+Babies are born with no bacteria in their bodies.
+During WW2, Japan received Jewish refugees and rejected the resulting Nazi German protests.
+Scientists can turn peanut butter into diamonds.
+77%of Russia is made up of Siberia.
+With 61 million inhabitants, Italy is the 5th most populous country in Europe.
+Bullying affects nearly 1 in 3 American schoolchildren in grades six through 10.
+There's a hotel in Bolivia made almost entirely of salt, complete with salt beds and chairs.
+Famous left-handed people include Napoleon, Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Einstein, Newton, Bill Gates, Oprah, Obama and Jimi Hendrix.
+The average visitor to Las Vegas gambles US$447.
+Half of all women who die from homicide are killed by their current or former husbands or partners.
+Study after study has found that marijuana is less harmful than alcohol and tobacco.
+When you get a book published in Norway, the Government will buy a 1000 copies and distribute them to libraries.
+It takes 8 minutes and 20 seconds for light to travel from the sun to the earth.
+Sudan has more pyramids than Egypt.
+It is illegal to own a hamster in Hawaii.
+The World's Oldest Company operated in Japan from 578 AD to 2006.
+During the Vietnam War, American troops would eat small amounts of C4 plastic explosive to get high.
+A 20-month-old baby became the youngest professional soccer player ever, after being signed up by a Belgian club.
+Coffee beans aren't beans. They are fruit pits.
+Apollo astronauts trained in Iceland because it was felt that the terrain would most resemble the surface of the moon.
+Breast cancer is one of the most survivable types of cancers over a five year period.
+When Benjamin Franklin invented his own harmonica, it became so popular in Europe that Mozart and Beethoven composed music for it.
+The World's Largest Chocolate Bar Weighed 5,792 kg (12,770 lb).
+Apple's co-founder sold all his shares for $800.Today, they would have been worth US$35 billion.
+Cuddling triggers the same neurological reaction as taking painkillers.
+Global warming could drive to extinction as many as 1 in 6 animal and plant species.
+On Mars, sunsets are blue.
+The Statue of Liberty was intended for Egypt.
+Isaac Newton was a Member of Parliament for a year and said only one sentence: he asked a nearby usher to close an open window.
+The practice of burying the dead may date back 350,000 years.
+Fat Man was the codename for the atomic bomb that was detonated over Nagasaki.
+Men are struck by lightning five times more often than women.
+Every day, nearly 4000 teens in the U.S. smoke their first cigarette while 1,000 start smoking on a daily basis.
+The King James Bible has inspired the lyrics of more pop songs than any other book.
+The boomslang snake's venom causes you to bleed from all holes of your body.
+There's US$75 trillion in the entire world. If this is distributed amongst all people on Earth, each person will have less than $11,000.
+Washoe, the chimpanzee, was the first non-human to learn American Sign Language. She also passed on her knowledge to other chimpanzees.
+Iquitos, Peru is the largest city in the world inaccessible by road. It's located deep in the Amazon rainforest and has over 400,000 people.
+Twitter has 310 million monthly active users, almost the same as the U.S. population.
+Bob Marley's final words were "Money can't buy life.".
+The Bible is partially or completely available in 3,384 languages, as of 2019.
+Snakes range in size from the tiny, 10 cm-long thread snake, to the reticulated python of up to 6.95 meters (22.8 ft) in length.
+The official name of Spain is the "Kingdom of Spain.
+The Emperor Penguin is able to dive to depths of over 500m and stay under water for up to 27 minutes.
+There are species of ants that enslaved other ants.
+English was first introduced to Ireland in the Norman invasion in the 12th century.
+The average women in Bolivia, Indonesia, and Guatemala is short enough to be considered a Dwarf (4'10 or under).
+Bananas don't grow on trees. They are produced by herbaceous plants.
+UK's Internet Porn Filter Architect was Arrested On Child Porn Offenses in 2014.
+About 50% of Asians have trouble metabolizing alcohol due to a missing liver enzyme needed to process it.
+Legalizing marijuana would generate $8.7 billion in federal and state tax revenue per year.
+The International Space Station is the most expensive object ever built, at US$150 billion.
+Over 100,000 people have applied for a one-way trip to colonize Mars in 2022.
+All of the bacteria in our body collectively weighs about 4 pounds.
+The combined wealth of the 85 richest people is equal to that of poorest 3.5 billion --half of the world's population.
+Jesus' name translated from Hebrew to English would be 'Joshua'. We get the name 'Jesus' by translating the Hebrew name to Greek to Latin to English.
+Leo Da Vinci's studies of river erosion convinced him that Earth is much older than the Bible implies.
+Unfaithful men have lower IQs according to a scientific study.
+A Giraffe's legs alone are taller than most humans: about 6 feet (1.81 m).
+Millionaires who have earned their wealth are moderately happier than those who inherited it, a 2018 psychology study found.
+Police officers in one state in India are given a slight pay upgrade for having a moustache.
+1 in 3 worldwide deaths in 2012 were caused by Cardiovascular diseases.
+The average human will yawn around 250,000 times over the course of his life.
+The longest common English word without vowels is "rhythms".
+Zebras are responsible for more injuries to U.S. zookeepers than any other animal.
+Steve Jobs was adopted. His biological father was Abdulfattah Jandali, a Syrian Muslim.
+In 2012, A 10-Year-Old Accidentally Conceived an Unstable Molecule in Science Class called: Tetranitratoxycarbon.
+10% of pregnancies end in miscarriage.
+Drug possession and trafficking are punished in Singapore with the death penalty.
+All three Grammys Elvis Presley won, were for his gospel songs.
+The earliest evidence of human presence in Ireland is dated at 12,800 BC.
+In Judaism there are4 different New Year days.
+Alexander the Great washed his hair in saffron to keep it shiny and orange.
+62 million girls were out of school in 2014.
+Capuchin monkeys show biases against humans who deny help to others.
+Recycling a single plastic bottle can conserve enough energy to light a 60W bulb for up to 6 hours.
+A Bonsai Tree planted in 1626 survived the atomic bomb at Hiroshima and now resides in a U.S. Museum.
+Japan consists of over 6,800 islands.
+If a zebra is attacked, its family will come to its defense circling the wounded zebra and attempting to drive off predators.
+Argentina is subdivided into 23 provinces and one autonomous city, Buenos Aires. Each have their own constitutions, but exist under a federal system.
+Los Angeles, California, is the second most populous city in the U.S.
+Australia is the world's sixth-largest country by total area.
+Inca architecture was built to be earthquake resistant. Inca masonry is effective in withstanding even major tremors.
+Modern humans first arrived in Iberia (now Spain), from the north on foot, about 35,000 years ago.
+Martin Luther King Jr. had previously used his "dream" rhetoric many times before his famous speech in other lesser-known speeches.
+The average divorcee takes almost 18 months to get over the split.
+Between 10 and 20 volcanoes are erupting somewhere on Earth every day.
+An American Soldier ran across the border to North Korea in 1962 and lived there for the rest of his life.
+6 out of 10 teenagers in the U.S. say they witness bullying in school once a day.
+There are 40 extant species of dolphins.
+The Amazon rainforest encompasses an area of 5,500,000 sq kilometres (2,100,000 sq mi), two times the size of Argentina.
+There are more than 400 distinct phobias well recognized by psychologists.
+Globally, women are paid less than men. Women in most countries earn on average only 60 to 75% of men's wages.
+Fidel Castro was born on a Friday the 13th.
+William Shakespeare was born and died on the same day.
+72%of Spain speaks Spanish. The rest speaks Catalan, Galician, Basque and others.
+Hawaii is the only U.S. state with a majority Asian American population, at 58%.
+Paraguay boasts the world's third-biggest fleet of tug-propelled barges, behind the U.S. and China.
+Small traces of gold have been found in the leaves of Eucalyptus trees.
+Spain was the third most visited country in the world in 2013.
+Racial segregation in South Africa began in colonial times under the Dutch Empire, then the British, and became an official policy in 1948, lasting until 1991.
+Every Christmas, 1 million letters are addressed to Santa Clausat his own postal code: "H0H 0H0, North Pole, Canada.".
+The average number of readers of any given published scientific paper is said to be 0.6.
+People in the United States eat 9 billion chickens and 150 million cattle, pigs and sheep annually, and we use around 26 million animals for research, 95% of which are rodents, birds and fish.
+The Bible, Steve Jobs' Bio, and the Hunger Games, are the most highlighted kindle books ever.
+Along with 1.4 million tons of debris removed, 19,435 body parts were recovered from the WTC after 9/11.
+Apple is the world's largest IT company by revenue and total assets, and the world's second-largest mobile phone manufacturer.
+D-Day was originally set for June 5 but had to be postponed for 24 hours due to bad weather.
+Anne Frank's sister, Margot, also had a diary. It was never found.
+95% of all data in the world is still stored on paper. Most of it is never looked at again.
+The Liberty Bell and Big Ben were cast by the same bell foundry and both bells are cracked.
+A secretary once told Steve Jobs she was late for work because her car wouldn't start. That afternoon, Jobs threw her a set of keys for a brand new Jaguar, saying: "Here, don't be late anymore.".
+The Aztecs used Cacao seeds as a form of currency.
+Most of New Zealand's population of 4.5 million is of European descent. The indigenous Maori are the largest minority at almost 15%.
+The West first learned of the giant panda in 1869, when a French missionary received a skin from a hunter.
+There are 5 planets you can see with the naked eye, not using a telescope: Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn.
+There are virtually no differences in brain anatomy between people with autism and those without.
+Mars has the tallest known mountain on a planet of our Solar System, with a height of 22 km (14 mi).
+The word 'Buddha' is a title, which means 'one who is awake', in the sense of having 'woken up to reality'.
+The word "desert" comes from the Latin "desertum" which means "an abandoned place".
+The Fastest Goal in Soccer history was scored just over 2 seconds after kick-off.
+Indonesia is the world's largest island country, with more than 13,000 islands.
+2% of people who jump off the Golden Gate Bridge survive the fall. One man even jumped off for "fun".
+Facebook is primarily blue because Mark Zuckerberg suffers red-green color blindness.
+South Africa is one of the few in Africa never to have had a coup d'etat, and regular elections have been held for almost a century.
+In professional shooting, Alcohol is considered to be a performance-enhancing drug because it relaxes you and slows your heart rate enough to give you an edge.
+The original torch of the Statue of Liberty replaced in 1984 by a new copper torch covered in 24k gold leaf.
+1 in every 8 deaths on earth are linked to air pollution, a study says.
+Sympathizing with Kim Jong-un, leader of North Korea, is an illegal act in South Korea. Even blogging can land you in jail.
+Spiders can survive for hours underwater by entering a self-induced coma.
+Couples who are in love synchronize their heart rates after gazing into each others' eyes for three minutes.
+51% of Italians can't afford a vacation.
+The main exporter of Brazil nuts is not Brazil. It's Bolivia.
+Israel is so small, you can run through it from west to east in 2 hours and from top to bottom in 9 days.
+Late-night dancing was illegal in Japan until 2015.
+Goldfish can't close their eyes as they have no eyelids.
+Right-handed people tend to chew food on the right side while left-handed tend to chew on the left side.
+Barack Obama won a Grammy in 2006 for the audio version of his memoir, "Dreams From My Father.".
+A cooling cap can prevent breast cancer patients facing chemotherapy from losing their hair.
+The heart symbol was first used to denote love in the 1250. Prior to that, it represented foliage.
+Koalas have human-like fingerprints.
+If Bill Gates was a country he would be the #63 richest on earth.
+Researchers found 1,458 new species of bacteria in belly buttons.
+Argentina's economy is Latin America's third-largest and the second largest in South America.
+In Japan there are more pets than children.
+Every day, 16% of the searches that occur are ones that Google has never seen before.
+Starbucks spends more money on health insurance for its employees than on coffee beans.
+An 11-year-old girl gave Pluto its name.
+4% of the sand on Normandy beaches are still made up of metal particles from D-Day landings.
+When two people kiss, they exchange between 10 million and 1 billion bacteria.
+"Mortimer Mouse" was the original name of Mickey Mouse before Walt Disney's wife, Lillian, convinced him to change it.
+In Cuba, the tourist economy operates with a different currency, the Convertible pesos (CUC), set at par with the US dollar.
+Sign Language is one of three official languages of New Zealand.
+George Washington is the only U.S. president to have received 100% of the electoral votes.
+Contrary to popular belief, there are no wild tigers in Africa. Only in Asia.
+Cuba has one of the highest literacy rates in the world: 99.8%.
+Indonesia is home to the world's largest Islamic population.
+Steve Jobs believed that his vegan diet would eliminate the need of showering.
+The first cloned dogs, six Canadian Labradors, started to work for South Korea's customs service as sniffers in 2009.
+8 of the 12 host cities for the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil are among the 50 most violent cities in the world.
+Africa is larger than China, USA, India, Mexico and a big part of Europe combined.
+The Statue Of Liberty Was Inspired By The Roman Pagan Goddess Libertas.
+The type of music you listen to affects the way you perceive the world.
+Honey is the only food that will never rot, it can last 3000 years.
+3 Olympic swimming pools can hold all the gold ever mined in the world.
+In the UK, all horses, ponies and donkeys must have a horse passport.
+The key to happiness is spending your money on experiences rather than possessions, according to studies.
+Around 5,000 people attempted to escape over the Berlin Wall, with an estimated death toll ranging from 136 to more than 200.
+Chimpanzees can identify each other from pictures of their butts.
+10% of US electricity is made from dismantled atomic bombs.
+With 83 million people, as of 2019, Germany has the EU's largest population.
+British Pennies are used to adjust the time in London's Big Ben clock tower.
+American Civil War soldiers had a code of honor that forbade shooting at men while they were pooping.
+Earth is the only place in the Solar System where water can be present in its three states: solid, liquid and vapour.
+Yoda, from Star Wars, was almost played by a monkey.
+The Salema Porgy is a species of fish that can cause hallucinations when eaten. In Ancient Rome it was consumed as a recreational drug.
+Young elephants, pandas, koalas, and hippos eat the feces of their mothers.
+The longest kiss ever recorded lasted 58 hours, 35 minutes and 58 seconds.
+Berlin is 9 times bigger than Paris and has more bridges than Venice.
+Every 13 minutes, a woman dies from breast cancer in the U.S.
+If we could capture just 0.1% of the ocean's kinetic energy caused by tides, we could satisfy the current global energy demand 5 times over.
+Canada has more lakes than the rest of the world's lakes combined.
+Our moon is bigger than Pluto and 1/4 the diameter of Earth.
+The giant panda is actually a bear.
+The Titanic is the only ocean liner to ever be sunk by an iceberg.
+Alaska has a sand desert with dunes over 150 feet (45 m) high.
+After World War I, there were so few men in Germany that only 1 in 3 women would find a husband.
+7% of Americans claim they never bathe.
+Autism affects about 21.7 million people in the world.
+Apple headquarters' employees earn an average of US$125,000 a year.
+Nguyen Ngoc Loan, the executioner from the famous Vietnam War photo, opened a pizza joint in Virginia after the war.
+Saturn's moon Enceladus has ice volcanoes.
+In Russia there are 9 million more Women than men.
+Bill Gates bought Da Vinci's Codex Leicester in 1994 for US$30 million. A few pages were used as screen saver on Windows 95.
+For every 1 million tons of oil shipped, about 1 ton is spilled.
+Whales can suffer from sunburns.
+In 2015, a U.S. journalist was sentenced to 5 years in jail for posting a link on the web.
+South Koreans drink twice as much alcohol as Russians.
+A newborn baby has about one cup of blood in his body.
+London's "Big Ben" is not the tower. It's the bell inside it.
+4%of women in the U.S. are pregnant right now.
+The world's longest hangover lasted 4 weeks after a Scotsman consumed 60 pints of beer.
+In 1962, John F Kennedy secretly installed a taping system in the White House.
+Men with shaved heads are perceived as an inch taller and 13% stronger than men with hair.
+Ancient Greece's boys went to school at the age of 7 if they lived in Athens, or went to the barracks if they lived in Sparta.
+Sleeping less than 7 hours each night reduces your life expectancy.
+The average Facebook U S. user spends 38 minutes a day on the site.
+The Guarani language, one of the official languages of Paraguay along with Spanish, is one of the most-widely spoken indigenous languages of the Americas and the only one whose speakers include a large proportion of non-indigenous people.
+Wherever you are in the state of Florida, you're never more than 60 miles from the nearest body of salt water.
+Contrary to popular belief, there are no wild tigers in Africa. Only in Asia.
+The 15-minute chimes on Big Ben have lyrics: "All through this hour / Lord be my guide / And by Thy power / No foot shall slide.".
+On September 11, 2001, 2,996 people were killed in the terrorist attacks at the World Trade Center in NYC, the Pentagon building in Virginia, and in a plane crash in Pennsylvania.
+Muslims use only the right hand for eating and drinking.
+Bill Gates' children will only inherit US$10 million each, out of his US$72 billion net worth.
+Hitler suffered chronic flatulence and took 28 different drugs to fight it.
+In his first few days in office, Barack Obama ordered the closing of the Guantanamo Bay detention camp, but Congress prevented it.
+The First Disneyland Admission Ticket Ever Sold was purchased for US$1 in 1955.
+In Japan, KFC is a typical feast of Christmas Eve.
+Greater London's population was estimated to be 8.63 million in January 2015, the highest level since 1939.
+Your bones are composed of 31% water.
+The Netherlands has more bicycles than people, 1.3 per person.
+From the Middle Ages up to 1809, Finland was part of Sweden.
+The Aztecs sacrificed 1% of their population every year, or about 250,000 people.
+1 out of 42 boys and 1 in 189 girls are diagnosed with autism in the U.S.
+Up to 1.5 billion people still do not have access to reliable phone services.
+Christians believe that Jesus is the Son of God and the savior of humanity whose coming as the Messiah was prophesied in the Old Testament.
+A Muslim family that saved Jews during the Holocaust, was later saved by Israel during the genocide in Bosnia, and converted to Judaism.
+The Moon is not round, but egg shaped.
+Venezuela had the world's highest inflation rate in 2015 with over 141%.
+Japan suffers 1,500 earthquakes every year.
+Some parts of Antarctica have had no rain or snow for the last 2 million years.
+Exercise, like walking, can reduce breast cancer risk by 25%.
+Julius Caesar, Mark Antony and Octavian, all made pilgrimages to Alexander the Great's tomb in Alexandria.
+Contact lenses were first proposed by Leonardo Da Vinci in 1508.
+From birth to toilet training, a baby goes through an average of 8000 diaper changes.
+The last person who died at the Berlin Wall attempted to escape in a hot air balloon but fell to his death.
+While dinosaurs were ancestrally bipedal, many extinct groups included quadrupedal species, and some were able to shift between these stances.
+The Longest Tunnel in the World is 57 km long and goes from Switzerland to Italy underneath Alps. It took 17 Years to Build.
+Many scientists believe that an asteroid hit the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico 65.5 million years ago and caused or contributed to the extinction of dinosaurs.
+1089 x 9 = 9801.
+President Obama has read every Harry Potter book.
+Switzerland sent 31 soldiers to Afghanistan in 2003, its first military deployment since 1815.
+The 'de-militarized' zone between North and South Korea is the world's most militarized zone.
+Airlines make more money selling air miles than seats: between 1.5 and 2.5 cents per mile.
+An average swimming pool loses 1,000 gallons (3,785 L) a month to evaporation and other causes.
+Over 30% of cancer could be prevented by avoiding tobacco and alcohol, having a healthy diet and physical activity.
+The Atlantic Ocean is big enough to let every person in the US have their own cubic kilometer in it.
+Part of the White House was built by slaves.
+John F Kennedy had such concerns about the space program's high cost, that he proposed partnering with the Soviet Union on a joint expedition to the moon.
+Martin Luther King Jr. is a Grammy Award winner for Best Spoken Word Album.
+During the past 40 years, at least 20% of the Amazon rainforest has been cut down.
+In the UK, accents change noticeably about every 25 miles (40km).
+When the "Elephant Whisperer" Lawrence Anthony died, a herd of elephants arrived at his house to mourn him.
+Women are approximately two times more likely than men to suffer from major depression.
+The American Civil War broke out in 1861 when the Confederates attacked a U.S. fortress, Fort Sumter, and ended with the surrender of all Confederate armies in 1865.
+Australia has the world's 12th-largest economy and it had the world's 5th-highest per-capita income in 2014.
+Marijuana is legal and is not even classified as a drug in North Korea.
+10 times more people suffer from major depression now than in 1945.
+In 1963, an East German soldier stole a tank drove it through the Berlin Wall to escape.
+Florida was the first part of the continental U.S. to be visited by Europeans. Spanish conquistador Juan Ponce de Leon gave it its name, meaning "flowery land.".
+You can navigate YouTube in more than 80 different languages, covering 95% of the Internet population.
+1 in 8 adolescents in the U.S. have clinical depression.
+Christopher Columbus Italian name was Cristoforo Colombo. He was a citizen of the Republic of Genoa.
+Martin Luther King Jr. was jailed 29 times.
+1 in 3 Jews in the U.S. put up a Christmas tree in their home during the holiday season, a survey found.
+In China, over 35 million people still live in caves.
+August 2014 was the warmest August ever recorded globally.
+Judaism believes in another Torah (Bible) that Moses passed down orally in an unbroken chain from generation to generation for 1,400 years.
+Oil is cheaper than water in Venezuela and Saudi Arabia.
+Instant Coffee was invented by a man called George Washington around 1910.
+The key to happiness is spending your money on experiences rather than possessions, according to studies.
+1 in 50,000 penguins are born with brown rather than black plumage.
+James Harrison has donated blood over 1,000 times saving over 2 million unborn babies from Rhesus disease.
+100 million people come to India's Kumbh Mela Festival, the world's biggest gathering of humans.
+The "Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas" sign was created in 1959.
+California contains both the highest point (Mount Whitney) and the lowest point (Death Valley) in the contiguous United States.
+The concept behind the word "cool" might come from the African word "itutu", brought to America by slavery.
+Venus has more volcanoes than any other planet in the solar system, with over 1600.
+Advertising to children under the age of 12 is illegal in Norway and Sweden.
+The longest hot dog ever was made in Paraguay and had 668 ft (203 m).
+600,000 hacking attempts are made to Facebook accounts every day.
+Slavery was not made a statutory offense in the UK until April 6, 2010.
+If an atom were as big as the Solar System, a neutrino would as small as a golf ball.
+The head of the Statue of Liberty was displayed at the World's Fair of 1878 in Paris.
+In 1942, the Canadians and the British Navy launched a practice invasion of France, the "Dieppe Raid." 20% were killed, 10% wounded, 30% captured. The lessons learned in that disaster lead to D-Day's success.
+Mount Everest is littered with not just the corpses of climbers but an estimated 50 tons of waste, making it world's dirtiest mountain.
+In October 1941, more than 50,000 Jews were killed by Romanian troops in what is now known as the "Odessa massacre.".
+It takes approximately 400 cacao beans to make one pound (450 gr.) of chocolate.
+The Earth, seen from the moon, also goes through phases.
+The average lifespan of a dolphin is 15 years. However, some of them lived 50 years.
+Dinosaurs are not, technically, extinct, since birds are considered by science as a type of dinosaur.
+Gold is edible.
+The eruption of the Krakatoa volcano in Indonesia is believed to be the reason why the sky is red in Edvard Munch's painting "The Scream", set in Norway.
+A lack of exercise is now causing as many deaths as smoking across the world, a study suggests.
+Arabic is an official language in Israel along with Hebrew.
+In an average lifetime human skin completely replaces itself 900 times.
+Walt and Roy Disney formed Disney Brothers Cartoon Studio in 1923. In 1926, the name was changed to Walt Disney Studio.
+Humans have the same number of hair follicles as chimpanzees.
+The CIA had a plot to use a depilatory chemical on Fidel Castro to cause his beard to fall out.
+The movie Gravity was more expensive than the Indian Mars mission.
+"Good cholesterol" (HDL) can "turn bad" and solidify into fat-clogs.
+Iceland's population is smaller than that of Anaheim, California.
+With a mainland area of 2,780,400 km2 (1,073,500 sq mi), Argentina is the eighth-largest country in the world.
+Saturn's rings are only 30 to 300 feet (9 to 90 meters) thick.
+Around 1300 CE, Polynesians settled in today's New Zealand, and developed the distinctive Maori culture.
+Denmark's population is the second happiest in the world according to the 2019 World Happiness Report.
+13.8% of the world's population are Hindus.
+Elvis Presley was just 22 years old when he paid US$102,500 for Graceland, the Memphis mansion that served as his home base for two decades.
+The largest recorded earthquake in the U.S. was a magnitude 9.2 that struck Prince William Sound, Alaska in 1964.
+Sweden had a Charles VII but no Charles I to VI.
+The name "Jessica" first appeared in Shakespeare's play "The Merchant of Venice.
+Spiders can walk on water, and breathe under it, too.
+In the Netherlands, there are dozens of public facilities where you can bring recreational drugs including marijuana, cocaine and ecstasy to test if they are safe.
+Europe and Africa are only separated by 14.3 km (8.9 mi) of ocean and there are talks of creating the longest bridge ever.
+Alexander the Great founded 70 cities, naming at least 20 after himself and one after his horse.
+Your mobile phone has more computing power than the computers used for the Apollo 11 moon landing.
+The lion from MGM is called "Leo the Lion".
+The United States and Gabon are the only two countries that allow experimentation on chimpanzees.
+In Buddhism, Karma is the force that drives the cycle of suffering and rebirth for each being.
+Pluto has ice made out of water and a blue sky.
+Bolivia was named after Simon Bolivar, a military leader who led Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru, Panama and Bolivia to independence.
+In his lifetime, a man spends almost six months shaving.
+20%of women in the U.S. earn at least $5,000 more than their spouse.
+Penguins can jump up to 6 feet (1.8 m) out of the water.
+80% of humanity lives on less than US$10 per day.
+Einstein's Nobel Prize money went to his ex-wife as a divorce settlement.
+7 million Buddhists are found outside of Asia.
+The average adult in Switzerland has a net worth of US$513,000.
+The First YouTube Video was uploaded in April 2005, featuring its co-founder Jawed Karim at the San Diego Zoo.
+In 2008, Norway knighted a penguin.
+In 1945, Eisenhower predicted that people would try to deny the holocaust, so he urged the press to come.
+Barack Obama, the 44th President of the U.S., was the first African American to hold the office and the first born outside of the continental U.S.
+Covering nearly 40 square miles, Walt Disney World Resort in Florida is about the size of San Francisco or two Manhattan islands.
+U.S. troops in Vietnam employed over 5,000 'war dogs'.
+In 1973, Nixon gave Colombia a lunar rock collected during the Apollo 17 landing. The plaque reads "Presented to the People of the Republic of Columbia.".
+As of 2008, land degradation affected 1.5 billion people globally.
+North Korea, independent since 1948, is not recognized by Japan and South Korea.
+The Horse Head used in the movie "The Godfather" was real.
+During Islam's Golden Age, scientists were paid the equivalent of what pro athletes are paid today.
+There're more bacteria in your mouth than there are people in the world.
+An Indian man claims he hasn't eaten or drunk for 70 years. After many tests, doctors still don't know how it's possible.
+Whales drown if they remain underwater for over 30 minutes.
+After Christianity, the largest religious affiliation in the U.S. is Judaism.
+The blood you donate is sold on the open market and it's a US$4.5 billion per year industry.
+Every second, the Sun sends to earth 10 times more neutrinos than the number of people on earth.
+The Italian mafia accounts for 7% of Italy's GDP.
+Despite assassination plots, an invasion and five decades of economic sanctions, Fidel Castro outlasted nine U.S. presidents in power, from Eisenhower to Clinton.
+Lack of oxygen in the brain for 5 to 10 minutes results in permanent brain damage.
+Residents of Churchill, Canada, leave their cars unlocked to offer an escape for pedestrians who might encounter Polar Bears.
+All Dutch electric trains are powered by wind energy, serving 600,000 passengers daily.
+40%of schizophrenics are left-handed, despite being only 10% of the world's population.
+If your laptop feels hot, don't put it on your lap if you're a man, it may cause infertility.
+JFK's application to Harvard was just 5 sentences long.
+Modern versions of enslavement are estimated to trap about 45 million people worldwide.
+More gold is recoverable from a ton of personal computers than from 17 tons of gold ore.
+Japan has more than 50,000 people who are over 100 years old.
+France once controlled more than 8% of the world's land.
+15%of American adults do not use the Internet.
+A single cigarette contains over 4,800 chemicals, 69 of which are known to cause cancer.
+From the Middle Ages up to 1809, Finland was part of Sweden.
+The Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962 started as a result of information from a Russian spy who was executed by Russia the following year.
+The water in a blue whale's mouth weighs as much as its entire body.
+The chances of us eating even one spider in our sleep throughout our lifetime is close to 0%.
+Dolphins and whales give birth with the tail first instead of the head.
+Demand for quinoa in Western nations has pushed up prices so much that poorer people in Peru and Bolivia, where quinoa is from, can no longer afford their staple crop.
+If you have US$10 in your pocket and no debts, you are wealthier than 25% of Americans.
+Lack of sleep can cause weight gain of 2 pounds (0.9 kg)in under a week.
+It takes the Solar System about 240 million years to complete one orbit of the Galaxy.
+Most dinosaurs are known from just a single tooth or bone.
+In 1908 the Imperial Russian Olympic Team arrived in London 12 days too late for the games because they were not using the Gregorian calendar yet.
+George Washington died after his doctors removed 40% of his blood (80 ounces) over a 12-hour period to cure a throat infection.
+Exposure to Secondhand smoke causes nearly 50,000 deaths each year in the U.S. alone.
+LSD was legal in California until 1966.
+Chimps use medicinal plants to treat themselves for illness and injury.
+The name "Amazon" comes from the "Amazons" of Greek mythology, a race of woman warriors. In many tribes of the area, women fought alongside the men.
+Some historians believe that Columbus visited Iceland's Snaefellsnes Peninsula in 1477 and there learned of Viking explorations of the New World.
+Warner Music collected over US$2 million in royalties in 2008 for public usage of the "Happy Birthday" song.
+Chicken contains 266% more fat than it did 40 years ago.
+In 1891, London built a structure designed to surpass the Eiffel Tower in height. It was unsteady, never completed and demolished in 1907.
+Apple has more operating cash than the U.S. Treasury.
+Elvis Presley hated John Lennon and wanted to beat him up for his anti-war stance.
+31% of rock star deaths are related to drugs or alcohol.
+The Sagrada Familia church in Spain, has been under construction for over 130 years and it's only expected to be complete by 2026.
+An average person produces about 25,000 quarts of saliva in a lifetime, enough to fill two swimming pools.
+In 1801, the Kingdom of Ireland and the Kingdom of Great Britain merged to create a United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland.
+In military terms, D-Day means a date and H-Hour a time for combat operations.
+The Bible is widely considered to be the best-selling book of all time, with estimated total sales of over 5 billion copies.
+95% of Paraguayans are mestizos: people of mixed Spanish and Native-American ancestry.
+Octopuses are eaten alive in Korea.
+Every August 13 this celebrated "Left-Handers Day" since 1996.
+Angel Falls in Venezuela is 17 times higher than Niagara.
+1 in 10 known species in the world lives in the Amazon Rainforest.
+The world's largest pyramid is not in Egypt but in Mexico.
+Martin Luther King, Jr.'s original name was Michael Luther King, Jr.
+In France, you can marry a dead person.
+There's a volcano in Indonesia that spews blue flames.
+The Bull is the national animal of Spain.
+Traffic in central London moves at the same speed as horse-drawn carriages a century ago.
+Iceland was the most peaceful place on Earth for six years straight since 2010, according to the Institute for Economics and Peace.
+Koalas sleep up to 20 hours a day.
+14 billion pounds (6B Kg.) of garbage are dumped into the ocean every year. Most of it is plastic.
+London attracted over 16 million international visitors in 2014, making it the world's most visited city.
+142 million girls throughout the world will be married before the age of 18 by 2020 if present trends continue.
+Hinduism has no single founder, founding incident or date of origin.
+The Musicians of the Titanic kept playing music for hours as the ship sank.
+Pluto takes 248 years to orbit the Sun.
+In order to legally give someone a tattoo in South Korea, one must obtain a doctor's license.
+Men spend almost a year of their lives staring at women, a survey found.
+About 24,000 people are killed by lightning strikes around the world each year.
+Holding a vibrator against a person's throat relaxes the vocal muscles, thereby improving their voice quality.
+Severe Depression can cause us to biologically age more by increasing the aging process in cells.
+If it were a country, California would be the 8th economy in the world and the 35th most populous.
+Koalas are excellent swimmers.
+Climbing the Mount Everest cost around US$65,000.
+37% of Americans think global warming is a hoax.
+89%of people in Sweden speak English.
+3.2 million people visit the Statue of Liberty every year.
+If you were to put Saturn in water, it would float.
+The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) reported in 2010 that 97,123 animals suffered pain during experiments while being given no anesthesia for relief.
+Dolphins sleep with one eye open.
+About 90% of the world's earthquakes occur along the Ring of Fire, an area in the basin of the Pacific Ocean.
+The FBI has a Twitter slang dictionary.
+Harry Potter's author J.K. Rowling lost her billionaire status because she donated so much of her money to charity.
+A Japanese man survived both the Hiroshima and Nagasaki atomic bombings during WW2.
+Two zebras died of hunger in a zoo in Palestine and were replaced with donkeys painted with black and white stripes.
+The Sunrise in parts of China can be as late as 10 AM because the country joined its five time zones into a single one.
+D-Day was the largest seaborne invasion in history, with over 156,000 men landing in Normandy.
+Four forward compartments could flood without risk of the Titanic sinking. Six did.
+The woman who rented her garage to Larry Page and Sergey Brin in 1998 when they were creating Google later became the CEO of YouTube.
+People in Africa and Asia have to walk an average of 3.7 miles (6 KM) to collect water.
+80% of information stored on all computers in the world is in English.
+The U.S. government poisoned alcohol during Prohibition in the 20s and 30s, killing over 10,000 people.
+Pluto has a heart shape on its surface.
+George Washington was worth US$525 million in his day, when adjusted for inflation.
+More people are killed each year by bees than snakes.
+Sharks kill 12 people per year while people kill 11,417 sharks per hour.
+Italy has the eighth-largest economy in the world.
+The first heart transplant using a "dead heart" was performed by surgeons in Australia, in October 2014.
+Steve Jobs never wrote a single line of programming code.
+Elizabeth II is the Queen of New Zealand and the head of state.
+Kokura, Japan, was the original target of the atomic bomb that landed in Nagasaki.
+China is the world's largest supplier of Bibles.
+Women spend nearly one year of their lives deciding what to wear.
+Placebos are 31% to 38% effective in treating depression, compared to 46% to 54% for antidepressants.
+George Washington was a ginger.
+The average ocean depth is 2.5 miles (4 km).
+Parents of new babies miss out on 6 months worth of sleep in the first 2 years of their child's life.
+29,000 rubber ducks were lost at sea in 1992, and are still being found, revolutionizing our knowledge of ocean science.
+Atomic bomb tests were a major tourist attraction in Las Vegas during the 1950s.
+New Zealand is part of the "Zealandia" continent, of which, 93% is submerged.
+In Norway, stripping counts as an art form for tax purposes.
+Alexander The Great succeeded his father, Philip II, to the throne of Macedonia at the age of 20.
+Advertising to children under the age of 12 is illegal in Norway and Sweden.
+Chocolate magnate Milton Hershey canceled his reservations for the Titanic due to last minute business matters.
+Over 800,000 people are arrested for marijuana in the U.S. each year.
+Unlike many religions, Buddhism has no single central text that is universally referred to by all traditions.
+Anne Frank wrote most of her diary in the form of letters to a person named "Kitty.".
+1 in 3 Americans is obese.
+Venezuela was the most murderous place on Earth in 2015, where one person was murdered every 21 minutes.
+Bolivia was named after Simon Bolivar, a military leader who led Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru, Panama and Bolivia to independence.
+Shakespeare invented about 1,700 words that we use today.
+The top ten deadliest snakes can be found in Australia.
+The CIA reads up to5 million tweets a day.
+In 2013, Yuichiro Miura, an 80-year-old Japanese, became the oldest person to make it to the top of Mount Everest and down.
+Neptune has the strongest winds in the Solar System: 2,100 km/hour (1,304 mph).
+More than 1,000 white farmers have been killed in South Africa since 1990.
+There are more skin cancer cases due to indoor tanning than lung cancer cases due to smoking.
+Octopuses have 3 hearts.
+The average woman in the UK owns 19 pairs of shoes, but wears only 7.
+Sand from the Sahara is blown by the wind all the way to the Amazon, recharging its minerals. The desert literally fertilizes the rainforest.
+In Germany, there's no punishment for a prisoner who tries to escape from jail because it is a basic human instinct to be free.
+If you drilled a tunnel straight through the Earth and jumped in, it would take you about 42 minutes to get to the other side.
+Sweden banned spanking and other corporal punishments of children in 1979.
+Denmark's current flag design was first used in 1219. No other modern country has used its flag for so long.
+Alexander The Great began his reign by eliminating potential rivals to the throne, including his cousin, the former Amyntas IV, who was executed.
+A 2011 poll of nearly 1,000 biomedical scientists conducted by the science journal Nature found that more than 90% agreed that the use of animals in research is essential.
+Krusty the Clown was originally created to be Homer's secret identity.
+In 2013, soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo opened a museum dedicated to himself.
+Mexico's official name is United Mexican States.
+There's only one all-white humpback whale known in the world.
+California has been the birthplace of the film industry, the hippie counterculture, the Internet, and the personal computer.
+Cubans were prohibited from owning cell phones until 2008.
+South Africa is the world's 24th-most populous nation, with over 55 million people.
+Paris was originally a Roman city called "Lutetia".
+The population of Finland is 5.5 million as of 2019, with a density of 18 inhabitants per square km, the lowest in the EU.
+A man married a dog in India as atonement.
+At the ocean's deepest point, the water pressure is the equivalent of having 50 jumbo jets piled on top of you.
+Leonardo Da Vinci was homeschooled and lacked a formal education in Greek and Latin.
+George Washington stopped the Revolutionary War to return a lost dog to the enemy.
+Most of Las Vegas' iconic hotels and even its famous welcome sign aren't technically located in the city of Las Vegas. They are in an unincorporated township called Paradise, Nevada.
+The Afghan War is the longest war in U.S. history.
+The year 2010 was the warmest on record.
+Your heartbeat changes and mimics the music you listen to.
+Benjamin Franklin invented the bifocals eyeglasses in 1784.
+Antarctica is the largest desert in the world.
+Humans have been hunter-gatherers for 99% of their history.
+The Soviets landed a spacecraft on Venus in 1970. It became the first to land on another planet and the first to transmit data from there back to Earth.
+In 1986, a volcanic lake in Cameroon, Africa burped a C02 gas cloud that killed 1,746 people in minutes.
+There's a cruise ship that runs between Stockholm, Sweden, and Helsinki, Finland, just to purchase cheap alcohol.
+The Harry Potter brand has been estimated to be worth as much as US$15 billion.
+Within three days of death, the enzymes that once digested your dinner begin to eat you.
+In 1998, TIME Magazine named Bart Simpson one of the most influential people of the century.
+Romantic love is biochemically indistinguishable from having a severe obsessive-compulsive disorder.
+The declaration and fight for independence of Argentina that started in 1810 was followed by an extended civil war that lasted until 1880.
+There are 100 divorces every hour in the U.S.
+Islam believes to be the complete and universal version of a primordial faith revealed many times before through prophets like Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, and Jesus.
+Worldwide, an estimated 5,000 women and girls are murdered every year for a perceived dishonor to their families.
+The Eiffel Tower is the most-visited paid monument in the world: 6.07 million people in 2018.
+In 2019, Apple grew to 139,000 employees around the world.
+Hinduism believes the conditions of one's present life are due to karma, or accumulated good or bad behavior in past lives.
+About 300,000 pedestrians, the population of Iceland, pass through Times Square every day.
+The Ancient Greeks exercised naked.
+About 153,000 people will die on your birthday.
+On its one-year anniversary, the NASA's Curiosity Rover sang the Happy Birthday tune to itself on Mars.
+Doctors' sloppy handwriting kills more than 7,000 people annually.
+Brazil's economy is the world's 8th-largest by GDP as of 2019.
+Some Fish, like the Triggerfish, can swim backward.
+Listening to music while working out measurably improves physical performance.
+The Quran emphasizes bodily resurrection, a break from the pre-Islamic Arabian understanding of death.
+1.9 million people were working for McDonald's in 2019 and its franchisees around the world.
+Since 1870, global sea levels have risen by about 8 inches (20 cm).
+When Columbus "discovered" the Americas, the continent was already inhabited by 90 million people which was a third of the world's population.
+The average office desk has 400 times more bacteria than a toilet.
+The strongest beer in the world has a 67.5% alcohol content.
+The death penalty was outlawed in the UK partly because a man was wrongfully executed for the murder of his wife and daughter in 1950.
+The majority of Internet traffic is not generated by humans, but bots like Google and Malware.
+There were once camels roaming in the deserts of Arizona.
+Being hit by lightning causes weird skin designs called "Lichtenberg figures.".
+In the UK, if you reach your 100th birthday, you get a personalized card from the Queen.
+There's no physical description of Jesus in the Bible.
+Germany's decades-long tendency to population decline has been offset by waves of immigration.
+People who work 11 hours or more a day are 67% more likely to have a heart attack than people with an 8-hour work day, according to a study.
+There is a sect, offshoot of Christianity, that believes Jesus is currently living in China as a Chinese woman.
+A porcupine can fight off a pride of lions.
+75% of the world's active and dormant volcanoes are in the Ring of Fire, an area in the basin of the Pacific Ocean.
+Only female mosquitoes drink blood. Males are vegetarians.
+Herrings communicate through farts.
+The first webcam was created in Cambridge to check the status of a coffee pot.
+About 100 billion people have died in all human history.
+Neuroscientists believe babies don't dream for the first few years of their life.
+The Queen of England owns a McDonald's near Buckingham Palace.
+Bart Simpson's name is an anagram of BRAT. His full name is Bartholomew Jojo Simpson.
+2.4 billion people used Facebook at least once a month in Q2 2019, while 1.5 billion used it every day.
+There's a Golf Club on the border of Sweden and Finland: half the holes are in one country and half in the other.
+The inventor of the Chocolate Chip Cookie sold the idea to Nestle Toll House in return for a lifetime supply of chocolate.
+Paraguay and Brazil's Itaipu Dam is the hydroelectric plant that produces more energy in the world, setting a new world record in 2016.
+Smoking costs the U.S. US$333 billion per year in health-care expenses and lost productivity to boot.
+Publisher Bloomsbury offered just 2,500 in advance for Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, the first book of the series.
+Pandas can poop up to 40 times a day.
+Anne Frank was born Annelies Marie Frank on June 12, 1929.
+350 million people of all ages around the world suffer from depression.
+Giraffes only need 5 to 30 minutes of sleep in a 24-hour period.
+Michael Phelps, the most decorated Olympian of all time, was bullied as a kid for his gangly form and big ears.
+The fastest a dolphin can swim near the surface is 33.5 mph (54 km/h).
+Harry Potter and author JK Rowling share the same birthday.
+There are more living organisms in a teaspoonful of soil than there are people on earth.
+There are 177,147 ways to tie a tie, according to mathematicians.
+One of the widest freeways in the world is the Katy Freeway, part of the Interstate 10 in Texas, with up to 26 lanes across.
+All characters on The Simpson's have just 4 fingers on each hand, except for one with five: God.
+The pyramids were built by paid laborers. Not slaves. That's a myth by Herodotus, the Greek historian.
+In 15 years of conquest, Alexander The Great never lost a battle.
+Iran sentences its citizens to the death penalty if they decide to change their religion from Islam.
+Facebook has 100 million active users in Africa.
+China has the world's largest standing army and second-largest defense budget as of 2019.
+Pluto never made a full revolution around the sun while it was still considered a planet.
+Benjamin Franklin was born in Boston, Massachusetts, on January 17, 1706. He lived 85 years.
+1 billion people still defecate in the open, in the absence of a toilet.
+Scientists have discovered that monkeys are susceptible to optical illusions, just like humans.
+If you were drafted during the American Civil War you could legally pay someone else $300 to go in your place.
+Qatar's 2022 World Cup will take more lives than 9/11 due to horrible working conditions for migrant workers building stadiums and infrastructure.
+In 1981, a man who had been bullying residents of a small Missouri town was murdered in broad daylight when 46 people rose up against him, in an act of vigilante justice.
+All characters on The Simpson's are based on, and named after his creator Matt Groening's family.
+Saturn's rings are younger than the dinosaurs. They were likely formed just 100 million years ago.
+Las Vegas is home to 17 of the 20 largest hotels in the U.S.
+In western Iran, there's a viper with a fake spider for a tail.
+Apple sold 572,000 iPhones per day in 2018.
+You can change your language on Facebook to "Pirate.".
+On average, soccer players run as far as 9.5 miles in a single match.
+Smoking causes 1 in every 5 deaths in the U.S. every year.
+Of modern countries currently independent, New Zealand was the first to allow women the vote.
+La Tomatina is an annual festival held in Spain where people throw thousands of tomatoes at each other.
+After WW1, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Poland emerged as independent nations.
+The beautiful symmetry of a total solar eclipse happens because by pure chance the sun is 400 times larger than the moon, but is also 400 times farther from Earth, making the two bodies appear the exact same size in the sky.
+Alexander the Great was tutored by Aristotle until the age of 16.
+Every Apple iPhone ad displays the time as 9:41 AM, the time Steve Jobs unveiled it in 2007.
+Kissing someone for one minute burns about 2 calories.
+Stalin didn't start learning Russian until he was 8. His mother tongue was Georgian.
+2,520 is the smallest number that can be exactly divided by all the numbers 1 to 10.
+Dolphins have the longest memory in the animal kingdom.
+Nearly 700 million Chinese people drink contaminated water.
+The 7 spikes on the Statue of Liberty's crown represent the 7 oceans and the 7 continents of the world, indicating the universal concept of liberty.
+Romantic love is biochemically indistinguishable from having a severe obsessive-compulsive disorder.
+It would take less than 6 months to get to the Moon by car at 60mph (95km/h).
+Research shows that if you're afraid of spiders, you're more likely to find one in your bedroom.
+20,000 children die worldwide every day due to poverty.
+The theory that the Sun is the center around which the planets orbit was first proposed by the ancient Greek Aristarchus of Samos in the 3rd century BC.
+The Amazon rainforest has been in existence for at least 55 million years.
+During his time as a Congressman and later as U.S. President, John F Kennedy donated all of his salary to charity.
+The English word Bible comes from the Latin "biblia" which means "books".
+Sideburns are named after American Civil War General, General Burnside.
+In the U.S., 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime.
+Spiders eat their own webs to recycle them.
+Prostitution is legal in Canada. Buying the services of a prostitute is not.
+Humans killed at least 2.8 million whales in the 20th century.
+Japanese Trains are among the world's most punctual: their average delay is just 18 seconds.
+Hinduism worships over 33 million gods or demigods.
+During WW1, a British soldier spared the life of a wounded German: Adolf Hitler.
+Depression can cause you to dream up to 3 to 4 times more than you normally would.
+Nelson Mandela slept on a thin mat on a stone floor for most of his 27 years in prison.
+Proportionally speaking, the most destructive war in modern history was the War of the Triple Alliance, which took the lives of over 60% of Paraguay's population, leaving a woman/man ratio of 4 to 1.
+North Korea has 51 "Social Categories" ranked by their loyalty to the regime.
+About 2,000 pandas are found in the wild.
+The oldest known fossil penguin species lived in the early Paleocene epoch of New Zealand, about 62 million years ago.
+Heavy marijuana smokers are at risk for some of the same health effects as cigarette smokers, like bronchitis and other respiratory illnesses.
+All of the 20 richest women in the world --except for #17-- inherited their money from either their husband or their father.
+London was founded by the Romans, who named it Londinium.
+160,000 U.S. children miss school every day due to a fear of bullying.
+Coffee is most effective if consumed between 9:30 am and 11:30 am.
+More than 2,500 left-handed people are killed every year by using equipment meant for right-handed people.
+In the U.K., it is legal for kids over 5 years old to drink alcohol at home or on other private premises.
+Hitler was saved from drowning by a priest when he was 4 years old.
+YouTube was founded by 3 former employees of PayPal.
+The moon is moving away from us by 3.78 cm (1.48 in) a year.
+The estimated number of dinosaur species that existed in the Mesozoic era is between 1,543 and 2,468 species.
+An American Soldier ran across the border to North Korea in 1962 and lived there for the rest of his life.
+There are Potato Chips Dipped in Milk Chocolate.
+Before trees were common, the Earth was covered with giant mushrooms.
+About 300 couples marry in Las Vegas every day.
+Antarctica is about 1.3 times as large as Europe.
+In 2001, the World Christian Encyclopedia counted 33,830 different Christian denominations.
+Cats, from lions and tigers right down to domestic felines, cannot taste anything sweet.
+1 out of every 8 Americans is from California, the most populous state, with 39.9 million people as of 2019.
+Facebook has 43,030 full-time employees as of September 30, 2019.
+A cat has been the mayor of Talkeetna, Alaska for 15 years.
+McDonald's is not the world's largest restaurant chain. Subway is.
+60% of the world's population live in countries where the death penalty is legal, such as China, India, the U.S. and Indonesia.
+Demand for quinoa in Western nations has pushed up prices so much that poorer people in Peru and Bolivia , where quinoa is from, can no longer afford their staple crop.
+In London, it is illegal to die in the Houses of Parliament.
+The average toilet uses 6 litres (1.6 gal) of clean water in a single flush.
+Ancient Egyptians worshiped over1,400 different gods and goddesses.
+Hitler planned to collect thousands of Jewish artifacts to build a "Museum of An Extinct Race" after the war.
+HP Printer black ink is more expensive than blood.
+Floating cities above the clouds of Venus may be our best bet for becoming a two-planet species. Conditions there are so similar to Earth a human wouldn't need a pressurized suit, the gravity is similar and transit times are shorter than to Mars.
+A child dies every 8 seconds from contaminated water.
+In ancient Greek, the word "idiot" meant anyone who wasn't a politician.
+Finland is the world's happiest country, according to the 2019 World Happiness Report.
+The parliament of Iceland, established in 930, is the oldest active parliament in the world.
+There's a toilet-themed restaurant in Taiwan, where food is served on miniature toilets.
+Being hit by lightning causes weird skin designs called "Lichtenberg figures.
+Nelson Mandela and his first wife divorced after 13 years because of his adultery, and the fact that she was a member of the Jehovah's Witnesses, a religion requiring political neutrality.
+In 2010, Minnesota used more cats for testing than any other state (2,703), New Jersey used the most dogs (6,077), and Massachusetts used the most primates (7,458).
+The Statue of Liberty was intended for Egypt.
+Earthquakes turn water into gold.
+George Washington never wore a wig: his hair was naturally long and lustrous, although he did use powder to make it white.
+There are about 500,000 detectable earthquakes in the world each year. 100,000 of those can be felt, and 100 of them cause damage.
+A teaspoon of water contains about 500,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 atoms in it.
+The average smoker in the U.S. spends US$1,500 to US$3,300 a year.
+Disney owns 80% of ESPN.
+By the end of 2019, Facebook had offices in 70 cities worldwide.
+Martin Luther King Jr. was the youngest person to win the Nobel Peace Prize until Malala won it on 2014.
+An individual horse has a peak power output of 14.9 horsepower.
+China is the world's most populous country, with an estimated 1.4 billion people as of 2019, and the third-largest by land area.
+The richest man in Asia, Sir Ka-shing Li, dropped out of school at the age of 15.
+A person from Las Vegas is called a "Las Vegan".
+Bananas are slightly radioactive.
+Human life expectancy has increased more in the last 50 years than in the previous 200,000 years of human existence.
+Flowers can grow faster by listening to music.
+The word "Dinosaur" comes from the ancient Greek and means "terrible lizard".
+France is the most visited country in the world: 83 million tourists in 2012.
+Of all the solar system's planets, Venus is the closest to a twin of Earth, with a similar size, orbit and composition.
+If you have a pizza with radius Z and thickness A, its volume is = Pi*Z*Z*A.
+The Bible was Isaac Newton's greatest passion, writing more about religion than science and mathematics.
+Underweight models are banned in Israel to fight against anorexia.
+If people worldwide switched to energy efficient lightbulbs the world would save US$120 billion annually.
+It's illegal in many countries to perform surgery on an octopus without anesthesia due to their intelligence.
+In 1999, the U.S. government paid the Zapruder family US$16 million for the film of JFK's assassination.
+The original tapes of the Apollo 11 moon landing were erased and re-used by mistake.
+Women speak about 20,000 words a day. That's 13,000 more than the average man.
+In the border between Egypt and Sudan, there are795 sq miles (2,060 km2) of land unclaimed by neither.
+McDonald's makes about US$75 million per day.
+Tokyo Disneyland was the first Disney theme park outside of the U.S. It was opened in April 1983.
+Vietnamese don't call it the "Vietnam War," they call it the "Resistance War Against America.
+Recycling one aluminum can saves enough energy to listen to a full album on your iPod.
+The official Twitter account of @Sweden is given to a random citizen every week to manage.
+Brazil has the 2nd highest number of airports in the world, after the U.S.
+There are more life forms living on your skin than there are people on the planet.
+Vegetarians are 19% less likely to die from heart disease, a study found.
+It snows metal on planet Venus.
+Newton invented/discovered calculus in about the same amount of time the average student learns it.
+Every adult Muslim must go on a pilgrimage to Mecca at least once in a lifetime if he is physically and financially capable.
+A man in Nebraska is breeding red cows and sending them to Israel so that Jews build a Third Temple and "Jesus comes again".
+90% of the world's fresh water is in Antarctica.
+Historically, for every 100 climbers who have made it to the summit of Mount Everest, 4 have died.
+6 months takes to make an episode of The Simpsons.
+Robert F. Kennedy was shot by a Palestinian because of his strong support for Israel.
+London ranked as the 6th most expensive city to live in 2016.
+Some Buddhist monks in Japan used to practice self-mummification by adhering to a special diet, then sealing themselves alive into burial chambers.
+Einstein was offered the presidency of Israel which he politely declined.
+In Finland, 9 out of 10 plastic bottles are returned for recycling and almost 100% of glass bottles are also recycled.
+The word "mortgage" comes from a French word that means "death contract".
+D'oh! is a real word in the Oxford English Dictionary. In The Simpsons scripts, it just says "annoyed grunt.
+Benjamin Franklin was an advocate of "air baths", during which he would spend up to an hour reading or writing in his house completely naked.
+Benjamin Franklin organised and was the first secretary of the American Philosophical Society. He was elected president in 1769.
+Christianity is the world's largest religion, with over 2.4 billion adherents, about a third of the world's population.
+Over 3 million people perished from war, slavery, and the mines in Hispaniola under the rule of Christopher Columbus.
+Every resident of Alaska gets an annual "oil royalty check", a payment representing their share of revenue from Alaskan oil. In 2008, it was US$2,069.
+In 5,000 years of human history, only one disease has been eradicated: smallpox.
+Sitting for more than three hours a day can cut two years off a person's life expectancy.
+Switzerland has the second highest life expectancy in the world with 83.4 years.
+Con artist Victor Lustig "sold" the Eiffel Tower to a scrap metal dealer.
+Hitler only had one testicle.
+California's official state animal, the California grizzly bear, is extinct.
+Mexico is the world's fattest country.
+According to astronauts, space smells like seared steak, hot metal and welding fumes.
+In 2006, a woman farted on a plane and tried to cover up the smell by lighting matches, causing an emergency landing.
+Finland is part of Fennoscandia, not Scandinavia.
+At its economic height, in the 5th and 4th centuries BC, Ancient Greece was the most advanced economy in the world.
+Steve Jobs was awarded 141 new patents since his death.
+The stripes on each tiger are unique, like human fingerprints.
+Six ten-billionths of the Sun is gold.
+The first Google Doodle was dedicated to the Burning Man festival attended by Google founders in 1998.
+Excavations throughout Italy revealed a Neanderthal presence dating back to some 200,000 years ago, while modern Humans arrived about 40,000 years ago.
+First marriages that end in a divorce usually last approximately 8 years.
+While most of the Amazon rainforest is in Brazil (60%), it's also in Peru (13%), Colombia (10%), Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia and three countries.
+The Sahara desert stretches farther than the distance from New York to Los Angeles.
+The global average sea level rose by 19 cm (7.4 in) from 1901 to 2010, as oceans expanded due to warming and melting ice.
+The South American revolutionary Simon Bolivar was, at various times, president of Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Venezuela.
+Beer was illegal in Iceland until March 1, 1989. Now, the date is celebrated every year in Reykjavik as Bjordagur, or Beer Day.
+Pluto was demoted to dwarf planet status not because it was too small, but because it's not unique among a mass of objects that orbit the sun beyond Neptune.
+Many expensive Perfumes contain whale poop.
+In 1993, the U.S. Congress and President Clinton apologized for overthrowing the Hawaiian Kingdom in 1893 and acknowledged that the U.S. annexed Hawaii unlawfully.
+A Vietnam War Sniper crawled for 3 days across 2000m of open field, killed a general with one shot, then crawled back.
+Fidel Castro holds the record for the longest speech ever delivered to the United Nations: 4 hours and 29 minutes, on Sept. 26, 1960.
+Author J. K. Rowling wrote the final chapter of the last Harry Potter book in 1990, 7 years before the release of the first book.
+During WW2, when Hitler visited Paris, the French cut the lift cables on the Eiffel Tower so that Hitler would have to climb the steps if he wanted to reach the top.
+The largest earthquake ever recorded was a magnitude 9.5 in Chile back in 1960.
+The Minangkabau tribe of Indonesia, where marriage perpetuates the female line, refer to a husband as the "borrowed man.".
+1 in 3 people people lack access to basic sanitation services, such as toilets or latrines.
+All prisoners in Norway have internet in their cells.
+Norway's public Universities are free for students from anywhere in the world.
+Your favorite song is probably your favorite because you associate it with an emotional event in your life.
+Every year, Walt Disney World's "Lost and Found" collects more than 6,000 cell phones, 3,500 digital cameras, and 18,000 hats.
+There's a direct descendant of Christopher Columbus alive today. He's a Spanish noble.
+Barack Obama was the first sitting U.S. president to visit a federal prison.
+Humans are 50% heavier and four inches taller in the past 100 years than they have been throughout most of human history.
+In 1998, all 11 members of a soccer team in Africa were killed by lightning while leaving the other team unhurt.
+A 13-year old boy in Florida was once arrested for excessive farting in school.
+100 acres of Pizza are served in the U.S. every day.
+JFK has been the only Roman Catholic U.S. president.
+Canada's population density is among the lowest in the world, at 3.7 inhabitants per sq km (9.6/sq mi).
+Anne Frank's concentration camp was liberated by British troops just weeks after her death.
+Al-Qaeda initially considered targeting nuclear power plants on 9/11 but decided against it, fearing things could "get out of control.".
+The Eiffel Tower is the tallest structure in Paris: 324 metres (1,063 ft) high.
+Many Fish can taste without even opening their mouths.
+People in Africa and Asia have to walk an average of 3.7 miles (6 KM) to collect water.
+Your brain uses 20% of the total oxygen and blood in your body.
+A man rode his bike from Sweden to Mount Everest and then tried to summit. He turned around 300 feet from the top.
+The US National Institutes of Health (NIH) spends $14 billion of its $31 billion annual budget on animal research.
+If you earn more than US$21,000 a year, you are part of the richest 4% of the planet.
+Benjamin Franklin attempted to abolish slavery already in 1790.
+Angelina Jolie's breast cancer announcement doubled the number of women being tested in its first few months.
+In 1962, the U.S. blew up a hydrogen bomb in space that was 100 times more powerful than Hiroshima.
+The U.S. purchased Alaska from Russia for just US$7.2 million in 1867.
+California has more than 130,000 people in prison.
+Apple earns US$300,000 per minute.
+You can't cry on space because your tears won't ever fall.
+Two actors have died playing Judas in live Biblical productions by accidentally hanging themselves for real during his death scene.
+The Danish monarchy is over 1000 years old, making it the oldest monarchy in Europe still existing today.
+The "I'm feeling lucky" button costs Google US$110 million per year, as it bypasses all ads.
+50%is the lifetime risk of developing Cancer for a man in the U.S.
+Swedish scientist Svante Arrhenius was the first to claim that fossil fuel combustion may eventually result in enhanced global warming already in 1896.
+In 2004, Gates predicted that the problem of spam email would be gone within two years.
+Antarctica is the only continent without reptiles.
+A day on Venus is longer than its year.
+There is a "Gospel of Judas" not found in the Bible that speaks of Judas as the only one of Jesus' disciples who fully understood his teachings. He turned Jesus over to the Romans because Jesus asked him to.
+Newton was secretly an Alchemist.
+More than 100,000 babies are born addicted to cocaine each year in the U.S., due to their mothers' use of the drug during pregnancy.
+The Netherlands is the world's largest per capita consumer of coffee, averaging 2.4 cups of coffee per person per day.
+The world's biggest family lives together in India: a man with 39 wives and 94 children.
+In 1999, the founders of Google actually tried to sell it to Excite for just US$1 million. Excite turned them down.
+A clean mouth has between 1,000 and 100,000 bacteria on each tooth.
+In the wild, male lions live 10 to 14 years.
+Baby foreskins are commonly used in cosmetic treatments.
+George Washington is worshipped as a god by Japanese Shinto priests in Hawaii.
+Japan's birth rate is so low adult diapers are sold more than baby diapers.
+It's scientifically proven that even a small dose of POWER changes how a person's brain operates and diminishes empathy.
+McDonald's restaurants feed 68 million people every day. That's more than the entire population of the U.K.
+Sucking a king's nipples was a gesture of submission in ancient Ireland.
+The world's oceans contain nearly 20 million tons of gold.
+The San people of Southern Africa today use the same set of tools that were found in a Cave, dating to 44,000 years ago.
+A russian woman in the 1700s gave birth to 16 pairs of twins, 7 sets of triplets and 4 sets of quadruplets in just 40 years with the same man.
+Koala bears aren't bears: They're marsupials.
+Tomato ketchup can prevent heart disease more effectively than fresh tomatoes.
+The 'intense world theory of autism' suggests that autistic people shut down because they experience and feel too much.
+Breathing the air of Beijing has the same health risks as smoking 21 cigarettes a day.
+The Earth's average global land and ocean surface temperature for September 2019 was 0.95C (1.71F) above the 20th century average.
+In 1672, an angry mob of Dutchmen killed and ate their prime minister.
+McDonald's first menu items were hot dogs, not hamburgers.
+Denmark has a population of 5.8 million people as of 2019. Despite a low birth rate, it keeps growing thanks to immigration.
+Fortune cookies are not a traditional Chinese custom. They were invented in early 1900 in San Francisco.
+It would take 1,200,000 mosquitoes, each sucking once, to completely drain the average human of blood.
+In 2007, the CIA released documents that revealed the agency's collaboration with the italian mafia in a failed 1960 attempt to assassinate Fidel Castro.
+North Korea is officially not Communist. Since 2009 its ideology is called "Juche".
+Men lie 6 times a day, twice as often as women.
+The New York Times wrote an article about every single 9/11 victim.
+An Octopus doesn't have 8 arms but 6 arms and 2 legs.
+The Mahabharata, used to teach the principles of Hinduism, is 1.8 million words long and is the longest poem in the world.
+There are more bicycles in Copenhagen, Denmark, than people.
+Cuba is the largest island in the Caribbean, with an area of 110,860 square kilometres (42,800 sq mi).
+After 9/11, the Maasai tribe of Kenya gave 14 of their most important cattle to America as aid.
+The Statue of Liberty has a 35-foot (10,6m) waistline.
+A third of all divorce filings of 2011 in the U.S. contained the word "Facebook.".
+In Iceland, you can hand-draw a map on a piece of mail without an address, and it will still make it to its destination.
+Young elephants, pandas, koalas, and hippos eat the feces of their mothers.
+Between 40% and 80% of the population of Classical Athens were slaves.
+People who regularly eat dinner or breakfast in restaurants double their risk of becoming obese.
+At any given time, 0.7% of the world is drunk. So 50 million people are drunk right now.
+When the Golden Gate Bridge opened on May 27, 1937, the celebration lasted a week.
+Bill Gates was arrested in New Mexico in 1977 for jumping a red light and driving without a license.
+Both of Nelson Mandela's parents were illiterate.
+Dogs have 13 blood types, horses have 8, cows have 9 while Humans only have 4.
+YouTube has over 2 billion users, almost one-third of all people on the Internet.
+Norway introduced Salmon Sushi to the Japanese in the 80s.
+In 1917, Germany invited Mexico to join WW1 by attacking the U.S. in order to recover the lost territories of Texas, New Mexico and Arizona.
+Americans throw away 2.5 million plastic bottles per hour. Each one takes 500 years to decompose.
+There's an empty place next to Muhammad's Tomb, Islam's main Prophet, reserved for Jesus.
+Christmas was illegal in the U.S. until 1836 as it was considered an Ancient Pagan Holiday.
+London's "Big Ben" is not the tower. It's the bell inside it.
+Crucifixion is still an official form of death penalty in Sudan.
+Elephants and chimpanzees can display behavior patterns similar to post-traumatic stress disorder and depression.
+Spending money on others yields more happiness than spending it on yourself, a study concluded.
+The Hawaiian alphabet has just 13 letters.
+M&Ms were created in 1941 as a means for soldiers to enjoy chocolate without it melting.
+One-third of first heart attacks are fatal, and another third result in permanent damage to the heart.
+Barack Obama's late father was a senior economist for the Kenyan government.
+Denmark has been inhabited since around 12,500 BC and agriculture has been evident since 3,900 BC.
+The average person takes 183,755,600 steps in a lifetime.
+"Sphenopalatine ganglioneuralgia" is the scientific term for brain freeze.
+Kissing someone is more sanitary than shaking hands, if you want to avoid a cold.
+Between 1492 and 1503, Christopher Columbus completed four round-trip voyages between Spain and the Americas, all of them under the sponsorship of the Crown of Castile.
+A bolt of lightning contains enough energy to toast 160,000 pieces of bread.
+In Mexico, artists can pay their taxes with artwork.
+January 2019 was the hottest month ever in Australia, with average temperatures exceeding 30 C (86 F).
+Texas has its own pledge of allegiance.
+Anne Frank was born in Frankfurt, Germany, but her family moved to Amsterdam in the early 1930s when the Nazis gained control.
+Mount Everest has about 200 dead bodies on it, which are now landmarks on the way to the top.
+Benjamin Franklin attempted to abolish slavery already in 1790.
+The weird bright dots you see floating when you look at the sky are your white blood cells.
+In Denmark, it's illegal to burn foreign flags, but not illegal to burn the Danish flag.
+The tower where Big Ben is located is officially known as "Elizabeth Tower." It was completed in 1859.
+Michael Jackson wanted to do a Harry Potter musical, but J.K. Rowling said no.
+The Swiss own more guns per head than the Iraqis.
+1 billion hours of video are watched on YouTube every day.
+The word "bride" comes from an old proto-germanic word meaning "to cook".
+41 new species are discovered by scientists every single day.
+Our galaxy probably contains at least 2 billion planets like Earth.
+Brazil has been the largest producer of coffee for the last 150 years.
+Just 9 months after his inauguration, Barack Obama was named the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize laureate.
+Licence plates in the Canadian Northwest Territories are shaped like polar bears.
+Government vehicles in Cuba are legally required to pick up any hitchhikers.
+Almost a third of San Francisco's air pollution comes from China.
+As a child, Elon Musk was bullied so severely, he once had to be hospitalized because of a beating from other students.
+The Eiffel Tower was going to be demolished in 1909, but was saved because it was repurposed as a giant radio antenna.
+South Africa is called the "Rainbow Nation" because it has 11 official languages.
+Obama was the first sitting U.S. president to visit Cuba in almost a century.
+The average temperature in Mars is -81F (-63C).
+India has the largest slave population in the modern world with over 18 million slaves.
+The first magazine ever seen was launched in 1663 in Germany.
+The average women in Bolivia, Indonesia, and Guatemala is short enough to be considered a Dwarf (4'10 or under).
+The 3 tallest statues in the world are of Buddha.
+The San people of Southern Africa today use the same set of tools that were found in a Cave, dating to 44,000 years ago.
+99% of a Panda's diet consists of bamboo.
+The U.S. Navy has 75 trained dolphins to detect enemy swimmers and underwater mines.
+Every second, Americans collectively eat 100 pounds of chocolate.
+Dolphins Recognize and Admire Themselves in Mirrors.
+Benjamin Franklin published a paper saying America's population growth was so fast, it would surpass Britain in 100 years. This alarmed British leadership and was a factor in their oppression of the colonies.
+Each Russian consumes 18 litres (4.8 US gal) of alcohol per year, doubling what experts consider dangerous.
+There are no terrestrial (land) snakes in New Zealand.
+A year on Marshas 687 earth days.
+There are more left-handed people with IQs over 140 than right-handed people, a study found.
+India is the world's largest democracy, with 1.2 billion people.
+The official color of the Golden Gate Bridge is called International Orange.
+Most scholars say Jesus never viewed himself as creating a new religion per se, just reforming Judaism.
+The female lion (lioness) does 90% of the hunting.
+A survivor of Hiroshima's atomic bombing went to Boston in 1951 and won the Marathon.
+The word "Scientist" first appeared in 1833.
+Aborting a child because of its gender is legal in Sweden.
+Philematology is the science of kissing.
+Nelson Mandela lost his son to AIDS.
+Women in ancient Rome wore the sweat of Gladiators to improve their beauty and complexion.
+The doctor who claimed a link between vaccines and autism, Andrew Wakefield, created fraudulent data for his paper and lost his medical license as a result.
+Anne Frank lost her German citizenship in 1941 and thus became stateless.
+The type of music you listen to affects the way you perceive the world.
+Napoleon wasn't short. He was actually above the average Frenchman.
+Hitler, while in prison, wrote to a Mercedes dealership begging for a car loan.
+Philophobia is the fear of falling in love.
+China has treatment camps for Internet addicts.
+Australia is one of the most sparsely populated countries in the world, with just 3.3 people per sq km.
+Millionaire Harris Rosen adopted an urban neighborhood in Florida, giving all families daycare, boosting the graduation rate by 75%, and cutting the crime rate in half.
+The Roman Emperor Gaius Caligula made his horse a senator.
+32 million inappropriate videos were removed from YouTube in 2018 by a team of 10,000 reviewers.
+An average person in the U.S. eats 35 tons of food in a lifetime.
+Boys are nearly five times more likely than girls to have autism.
+Declawing cats is legal in most U.S. states but banned in at least 22 countries including Germany, Finland, Switzerland, Australia, New Zealand and Japan.
+1 in 5 people in France has experienced depression making it the most depressed country in the world.
+Israel is the only country in the world to draft women into Military service.
+Scientists can grow teeth from urine.
+At over 162.6 ha (401 acres), the Hindu temple Angkor Wat in Cambodia is the largest religious structure in the world.
+49% of pregnancies in the U.S. are unintended. That's more than 3 million children per year.
+Turning back the giant hands on Big Ben's four clock faces takes an incredible 5 hours in total.
+Recycling one ton of plastic can save up to 2,000 gallons of gasoline.
+Spain is the second largest country in Western Europe and the European Union.
+Although myths and speculation about a "Southern Land" date back to antiquity, Antarctica was only first sighted in 1820 by a Russian expedition.
+"Holland" is a province, South and North, in The Netherlands, not the name of the whole country.
+A bolt of lightning is 5 times hotter than the surface of the sun.
+Researchers Joseph and Charles Vacanti grew a human "ear" seeded from implanted cow cartilage cells on the back of a living mouse to explore the possibility of fabricating body parts for plastic and reconstructive surgery.
+In 1939, 835 sheep were killed by a single lightning strike in Utah.
+In the U.S., Hispanics (70%) are more likely than whites (44%)to say global warming is caused by humans.
+Marilyn Monroe was Jewish: she converted for her husband Arthur Miller.
+Argentina has dropped 13 zeroes off their currency since 1970, a factor of ten trillion.
+A 99-year-old man divorced his 96-year-old wife after 77 years of marriage because he discovered an affair she had in the 1940s.
+Someone in the U.S. needs blood every two seconds.
+96 elephants are killed every day in Africa.
+About 200 Christmas trees catch fire every year in the U.S.
+The Golden Gate uses the largest bridge cables ever made, long enough to encircle the world more than 3 times at the equator.
+Daniel Radcliffe's stunt double for the first 6 Harry Potter movies was paralyzed from an accident on set in the 7th movie.
+The letter u as an abbreviation for "you" was first used by Shakespeare.
+In Florida, it's against the law for a person to appear in public clothed in liquid latex.
+Islam is the second-largest and the fastest-growing religion in the world.
+Saturn's rings are not solid. They are made up of bits of ice, dust and rock.
+Google headquarters is called "The Googleplex", which comes from the word "googolplex", meaning a 1 followed by one hundred 0s.
+Google intends to scan all known existing 129 million unique books before 2020.
+Scientists finally concluded that the chicken came first, not the egg, because the protein which makes egg shells is only produced by hens.
+President Jimmy Carter pardoned all Vietnam draft dodgers on his second day in office.
+More than 600 women dressed as men in order to fight in the American Civil War.
+Nearly 1 billion people will go to bed hungry tonight.
+The Berlin Wall was torn down by mistakenly-empowered citizens after an East German spokesman misspoke at a press conference and mentioned immediate border crossing privileges for every citizen.
+Every minute, more than 500 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube.
+The Berlin Wall was more than 140 kilometres (87 mi) long.
+The life span of giant pandas in the wild is approximately 20 years.
+The Queen of the UK is the legal owner of one-sixth of the Earth's land surface.
+Chimpanzees can develop their own fashion trends.
+When a person dies, his sense of hearing is the last to go.
+Capuchin Male Monkeys urinate on themselves to attract a mate.
+Astronauts on the International Space Station witness around 15 sunrises and 15 sunsets every day.
+Bananas are slightly radioactive.
+Nelson Mandela was South Africa's first black president.
+Canada is the World's Most Educated Country: over half its residents have college degrees.
+Snakes kill 100,000 people every year.
+The name "Argentina" comes from the Latin word for silver, argentum. The original European settlers believed the country was full of silver.
+There are 100,000 miles of blood vessels in an adult human body.
+Clocksmiths climb the 334 stairs of the Elizabeth Tower 3 times a week to wind Big Ben's clock, whose timing can be affected by the weather, atmospheric pressure or simply by being 156 years old.
+The U.S. Civil War had a Balloon Corps established by Abraham Lincoln.
+Anne Frank and seven others remained in hiding for 2 years in the "Secret Annex", a small apartment behind her father's business in Amsterdam.
+Coconut water can be used (in emergencies) as a substitute for blood plasma.
+"Friendstalker" was one of the early names considered for Twitter.
+Facebook tracks which sites you visit, even AFTER you have signed out.
+Giraffes only need to drink once every few days. Most of their water comes from all the plants they eat.
+Dolphins can communicate with one another over a telephone, and appear to know who they are talking to.
+More than 100,000 babies are born addicted to cocaine each year in the U.S., due to their mothers' use of the drug during pregnancy.
+Mars is populated entirely by robots. Seven to be precise.
+There are more Siberian tigers living in captivity than in their native habitat.
+Elvis Presley had a twin brother that died at birth.
+The name "Australia" comes from the Latin "Terra Australis" or "Southern land".
+Some prehistoric penguin species attained enormous sizes, becoming as tall or as heavy as an adult human.
+95% of the spiders in your house have never been outside.
+Marijuana has been legal for personal use in Alaska since 1975, and it's still legal today.
+Medicinal Marijuana is Considered Kosher in Some Cases by Judaism.
+The scientific term for French kissing is cataglottism.
+In order to discover that penguins sleep more deeply in the afternoon, scientists crept up on sleeping penguins at different times of the day and poked them with a stick until they woke up.
+London lost nearly a third of its population during the Black Death in the mid-14th century.
+An Ostrich's eye is bigger than its brain.
+Alaska is so big you could fit 75 New Jerseys in it.
+A single cigarette contains over 4,800 chemicals, 69 of which are known to cause cancer.
+One American consumes as many resources as 32 Kenyans.
+Family Guy once used footage from 9-year-old YouTube video in one of its episodes without permission from the owner. The owner's original clip was then removed from Youtube for copyright infringement.
+40%of births in the U.S. come from unmarried women.
+In 132 AD, a Chinese inventor built a seismograph which, at the moment of an earthquake, expelled a copper ball out of the mouth of a dragon and into the mouth of a frog.
+Rain has never been recorded in parts of Chile's Atacama Desert, the driest place on Earth.
+Walt Disney borrowed most of the US$1.5 million needed to make Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. It took 3 years to complete and became the highest-grossing sound film of its time.
+Bill Gates' SAT score was 1590out of 1600.
+When Louis Pasteur was working on the rabies vaccine, if he or his assistants got infected, they were to be shot in the head.
+A man married a dog in India as atonement.
+It's illegal in Iceland for parents to threaten children with fictional characters.
+Dreams get weirder as the night wears on.
+A blue whale is larger than a basketball court.
+37% of the web is porn.
+Around 300 species of Octopuses are recognized.
+A heartbroken Argentine farmer spent decades cultivating a guitar-shaped forest to honor his late wife.
+In 1977, we received a signal from deep space that lasted 72 seconds. We still don't know how or where it came from.
+There's a restaurant in Japan using monkeys as waiters.
+Islam view heaven as a place of physical pleasures to come.
+If Texas were a nation, it would be the world's 7th largest oil producer.
+India's Hindu calendar has 6 seasons: spring, summer, monsoon, autumn, winter and prevernal.
+Cancer causes more deaths than AIDS, tuberculosis, and malaria combined.
+Over 20 million bats live in the Bracken Cave in Texas, the world's largest colony of bats.
+The world's largest gold bar weighs 250 kg (551 lb).
+The practice of eating horseflesh is called hippophagy.
+Australia had the 3rd-highest human development index in the world in 2018, which measures quality of life, health, education and economic freedom.
+The first time two men kissed on-screen was in 1927.
+in the fiscal year of 2014, the DEA spent an average of US$4.20 per marijuana plant they uprooted.
+Giraffes are the tallest animals in the world. Males can grow up to 18 feet (5.5 meters) tall.
+Before his passing, George Washington had become opposed to slavery, and in his will he ordered his 300 slaves to be freed after his wife's death.
+The longest complete dinosaur is the 27 meters (89 feet) long Diplodocus, which was discovered in Wyoming, U.S.
+Christianity began as a Second Temple Judaic sect in the mid-1st century in Judea. It quickly spread to Europe, Mesopotamia, Asia and by the 4th century had become the official state church of the Roman Empire.
+The height of the Eiffel Tower varies by 5.9 inches (15 cm) due to temperature changes.
+When George Washington died, Napoleon ordered 10 days of mourning in France.
+90% of all the rice in the world is consumed in Asia.
+Sweden pays studentsUS$187 per month to attend high school.
+Isaac Newton lost the equivalent of US$3 million in today's money on stock market in 1720.
+Sweden has run out of trash so it's importing garbage from Norway.
+Dead people can get goose bumps.
+More than a third of single Italian men between the ages of 30 and 35 live with their parents.
+Koalas hug trees to cool off on hot days.
+Leo Da Vinci could write with one hand and draw with the other at the same time.
+Bananas are the most popular fruits in the U.S.
+Shakespeare directly mentions America only once.
+Energy drinks still don't have as much caffeine as a Starbucks coffee.
+In order to legally give someone a tattoo in South Korea, one must obtain a doctor's license.
+At the Wife Carrying World Championships in Finland, first prize is the wife's weight in beer.
+98% of Canadians can speak either or both English and French.
+While most penguins are monogamous, they spend most of their year apart.
+Mount Everest shrank one inch (2.5 cm) due to the 2015 earthquake in Nepal.
+Jacksonville is the most populous city in Florida and the largest city by area in the contiguous U.S.
+During WW2, the lights of Big Ben were dimmed so that German bombers could not use it for reference.
+Colombia's drug trade is worth US$10 billion. That's one-quarter as much as the country's legal exports.
+Couples who live together before engagement have a higher divorce rates than those who wait.
+Most brands of lipstick contain fish scales.
+Canada and Denmark have been fighting over an uninhabited island by leaving each other bottles of alcohol and changing their flags since the 1930s.
+Martin Luther King Jr. added the "I have a dream" line during his speech, it was improvised.
+Every hour, at least 1 person is killed by a drunk driver in the U.S.
+Snakes are unable to close their eyes. They can't blink and they must sleep with their eyes open.
+President Richard Nixon pardoned a lieutenant, who gathered 70-80 Vietnamese civilians into a ditch and murdered them during the My Lai massacre, from his sentence of house arrest.
+In 1997, an Israeli court charged and prosecuted a Jew for depicting Islam's prophet Muhammad as a pig.
+Tigers are the only predators known to regularly prey on adult bears.
+AIDS is now the leading cause of death among adolescents in Africa.
+Fidel Castro's 2016 funeral procession went from Havana to Santiago de Cuba, tracing in reverse the route of the "Freedom Caravan" of January 1959 in which Castro took power.
+No one has ever seen a giraffe swimming.
+Google was originally called "Backrub".
+Norway has the world's highest gas prices at $10.12 a gallon of premium gas.
+The 1950s sleeping pill thalidomide, which caused 10,000 babies to be born with severe deformities, was tested on animals prior to its commercial release.
+64% of children who were bullied did not report it.
+30% of all cancers diagnosed in women are breast cancers.
+In 1944, by a huge coincidence, a crossword puzzle was printed with answers all containing D-Day operation "code names", which sent MI-5 into a panic thinking their invasion plans had been discovered.
+Australia was inhabited by indigenous people for about 50,000 years before the British came.
+In 1940, 12-year-old boy Fidel Castro wrote a letter to President F. Roosevelt to request a $10 bill because he had never seen one before.
+Breathing the air in Mumbai, India, for just one day is equivalent to smoking 100 cigarettes.
+111,111,111 x 111,111,111 = 12,345,678,987,654,321.
+20 prisoners were executed in the United States in 2019.
+Hitler was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in 1939.
+The poorest place in the U.S. is Allen, South Dakota, where 96% are Native American.
+There will be a 50% increase in lightning strikes by 2100 if global warming continues, according to a scientific report.
+A group of giraffes is called a tower.
+Students who chew gum have better math test scores than those who do not, a study found.
+White Chocolate isn't technically Chocolate, as it contains no cocoa solids or cocoa liquor.
+An apple didn't hit Isaac Newton in the head, but it did make him wonder if the force that makes apples fall influences the moon's motion around Earth.
+None of The Beatles Could Read Music.
+The five most practiced religions in the world --Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Chinese folk religion and Buddhism-- have their origins in Asia.
+Bolivia has 37 official languages.
+Isaac Newton developed a sunlight phobia from staring at the sun.
+The largest county in the U.S., located in Alaska, is roughly the size of Germany.
+Breast Cancer kills 450 men in the U.S. every year.
+5 to 6 billion years from now, as the Sun becomes a red giant, Saturn's moon Titan will become warm enough for life to possibly evolve in manner similar to Earth.
+Christianity is severely persecuted in at least 27 countries.
+No U.S. president has been elected after being divorced except for Ronald Reagan.
+Over 20% of the U.S. population still believe that vaccines cause autism.
+75% of school shooting incidents have been linked to bullying and harassment.
+Antarctica is the coldest, windiest, highest and driest continent on Earth.
+A blue whale's heart can be as large as a car.
+A natural predator of the Moose is the Killer Whale. They have been known to prey on moose swimming around America's Northwest Coast.
+McDonald's' golden arches are recognized by more people than the cross.
+There is a food substitute intended to supply all daily nutritional needs, known as "Soylent".
+Homo sapiens reached the region of Indonesia around 45,000 years ago.
+The boiling point of water at the top of Mt. Everest is 71 C (160 F).
+Laughing 100 times is equivalent to 15 minutes of exercise on a stationary bicycle.
+1 Can of Soda a day increases your chances of getting type 2 diabetes by 22%.
+More than 1 billion people still do not have access to fresh water.
+The highest race horse speed ever recorded was 43.97 mph (70.76 km/h).
+In Ancient Greece, a crucial part of a wealthy teenager's education was a mentorship with an elder, which in a few places and times may have included pederastic love.
+Venezuela's name comes from the Italian word "Veneziola" (little Venice). Explorer Amerigo Vespucci saw native stilt houses built in Lake Maracaibo, reminding him of Venice.
+Italy is home to the largest number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites with 50.
+"Aotearoa," often translated as "land of the long white cloud," is the current Maori name for New Zealand.
+Only 333 bodies of the Titanic's victims were recovered, one in five of the over 1500 victims.
+There's a bar in Ireland that opened in the year 900 A.D. and is still operational. It's called "Sean's Bar".
+In 1962, the CIA told South Africa the location of Nelson Mandela, leading to his arrest, which put him in jail for 27 years.
+The Sun is thought to have completed about 20 orbits during its lifetime and just 1/1250th of an orbit since the origin of humans.
+There are more tigers privately owned by U.S. citizens than in the wild worldwide.
+350,000 Tweets are sent every minute.
+The world consumes close to 2.25 billion cups of coffee every day.
+Indonesia has the world's highest rate of deforestation, with Brazil as a close second.
+German casualties on D-Day were around 1,000 men, while Allied casualties were at least 10,000.
+There's high-speed Internet on the way up to Mount Everest.
+Florida is the 3rd most populous state in the U.S.
+Jehovah's Witnesses don't celebrate birthdays because the only two accounts of birthday parties in the Bible ended in murder.
+Giraffes make no sound. Not because they can't, but they choose not to.
+Brazil is the 5th largest country in the world and it's home to 210 million people as of 2019.
+Scientists detected traces of Cannabis on pipes found in William Shakespeare's garden.
+You are more likely to die from a falling coconut than from a shark attack.
+The Bible is the most shoplifted book in the world.
+In 1962, the U.S. blew up a hydrogen bomb in space that was 100 times more powerful than Hiroshima.
+At least 1.1 million Jewish children were murdered during the Holocaust.
+The first animated film to star Mickey Mouse appeared in 1928 at the Colony Theatre in New York.
+There is a section of the Berlin Wall in the men's bathroom of the Main Street Station casino in Las Vegas.
+Some chickens are half male, half female.
+In Alaska, there's a pizza place that delivers the pizza by plane.
+Despite its "Sunshine State" nickname, Florida is not the sunniest U.S. state. Arizona is, closely followed by Nevada.
+From bottom to top, Mount Everest is not the world's tallest mountain. Mauna Kea in Hawaii is about 1 km (3280 feet) taller.
+Music video 'Gangnam Style' was so popular, it broke YouTube's view counter, which had to be upgraded.
+In 1913, Argentina was the world's 10th wealthiest nation per capita. Now it's the 54th.
+More than 1 in 20 soccer injuries are caused by celebrating goals on the pitch.
+California was the first U.S. state that banned Marijuana a century ago.
+A full day on the moon, from one sunrise to the next, lasts about 29.5 Earth days on average.
+Bananas are the best-selling items at Walmart.
+During pregnancy, if the mother suffers organ damage, the baby in the womb sends stem cells to repair the damaged organ.
+Canada is the second largest country in the world by total area.
+Slugs like beer.
+One-third of Earth's land surface is partially or totally desert.
+Breastfeeding a baby may reduce by 22% a woman's risk of developing Alzheimer's disease, a study says.
+The Sun accounts for about 99.86% of the total mass of the Solar System.
+Nelson Mandela was born July 18, 1918, in the Transkeian Territories of South Africa's modern Eastern Cape province.
+A group of zebras is called a "dazzle".
+Scientists have developed a way of charging mobile phones using urine.
+A refereeing decision in a soccer match between Argentina and Peru in 1964 led to a riot in which 300 fans were killed.
+There are over 500,000 alcohol-related deaths in Russia each year.
+In the last 60 years, over 23,000 North Koreans have defected to South Korea. Only two South Koreans have gone to the North.
+Ostriches and zebras often live together to protect each other from predators. The ostrich can see better and the zebra can hear or smell danger better.
+Spider silk is about 5 times stronger than steel of the same weight.
+A Marijuana-derived compound forces cancer cells to freeze and prevents them from spreading.
+There's a nude beach under the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.
+Alexander The Great died in the palace of Nebuchadnezzar II, in Babylon, at age 32. He was a king for just 12 years.
+There's a volcano in Indonesia that spews blue flames.
+The average person spends 3 months of its lifetime sitting on the toilet.
+Latin and Irish have no words for "yes" or "no.".
+Premature babies are more likely to be left-handed, many studies suggest.
+1.3 million Earths could fit inside the sun, an average-sized star.
+Zebras are actually black, with white stripes.
+A day's worth of Twitter posts would fill a 10-million-page book.
+The first soccer game televised was a friendly match between Arsenal's first and second team in 1937.
+Cats share 95.6% of their DNA with tigers.
+About 1 in 9 people lack access to an improved water source.
+Millionaires who have earned their wealth are moderately happier than those who inherited it, a 2018 psychology study found.
+Snakes can have two heads and fight each other for food.
+A sample of Sir Isaac Newton's apple tree was sent into space to 'defy gravity'.
+Earth, Texas is the only place on Earth named "Earth".
+Educated mothers are more than twice as likely to send their children to school.
+The attack on the World Trade Center on 9/11 resulted in the largest loss of life by a foreign attack on American soil.
+Switzerland only gave women the right to vote in 1971.
+Your mind "rewrites" monotonous speech of boring people to make them sound more interesting.
+In the Netherlands, there are dozens of public facilities where you can bring recreational drugs including marijuana, cocaine and ecstasy to test if they are safe.
+Having an orgasm at least 3 times a week cuts in half the likelihood of coronary heart disease.
+30 million people in China live on less than US$1 per day, as of 2019.
+Brazil is defined as a "federal republic" composed of the Federal District, 26 states, and 5,570 municipalities.
+People with autism are less likely to catch yawns. The more severe their condition, the less common the behavior gets.
+Mexico has68 official languages.
+Girls who complete secondary school are 6 times less likely to become child brides.
+La Paz, Bolivia, was the first South American city to get an electricity supply. It was powered by llama dung.
+Penguins have an organ near the eye that filters salt from the water out of their system.
+Nelson Mandela was not removed from the U.S. terror watchlist until 2008.
+123 - 45 - 67 + 89 = 100.123 + 4 - 5 + 67 - 89 = 100.123 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 + 8 - 9 = 100.1 + 23 - 4 + 5 + 6 + 78 - 9 = 100.
+The coldest place on Earth is a high ridge in Antarctica where temperatures can dip below -133F (-93.2C).
+The word "school" comes from the ancient Greek for "free time.".
+A human baby has over 60 more bones than an adult.
+There has never been snakes in Ireland because being cold-blooded, snake couldn't survive the frozen ground during the ice age in the past.
+Each year, Americans throw out enough soda cans and bottles to reach the moon and back 20 times.
+Barack Obama had the most followers on Twitter of any world leader in his last year in power, 2016.
+It's completely legal for minors to smoke cigarettes in the U.S. and parts of Europe, but they can't purchase them.
+The rate of children leaving primary school in conflict affected countries reached 50% in 2011.
+Chocolate has an anti-bacterial effect on the mouth and protects against tooth decay.
+South Africans can legally attach flamethrowers to cars to repel carjackers.
+The Sun does not have a definite boundary, and in its outer parts, its density decreases exponentially with increasing distance from its center.
+An extra year of education can help a girl earn 20% more as an adult.
+There are more than 100 types of cancers; any part of the body can be affected.
+Abraham Lincoln, Walt Disney, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Henry Ford, Thomas Edison and Steve Jobs, all of them had no college degree.
+Bill Gates aimed to become a millionaire by the age of 30. However, he became a billionaire by 31.
+Apple iPad's retina display is actually manufactured by Samsung.
+Until the early 19th century, Australia was best known as "New Holland".
+30,000 websites are hacked every day.
+Italian Traffic Police has two Lamborghini Gallado in service.
+9% of the Earth's oxygen is produced by the Amazon rainforest.
+On April 1, 1974, black smoke was seen rising from Mount Edgecumbe, a volcano in Alaska. When a Coast Guard pilot came closer to investigate, he found 70 tires burning and the words "APRIL FOOL" spray painted into the snow.
+Cows emit more methane than the oil industry and are a huge factor in global warming.
+A baby octopus is about the size of a flea when it is born.
+With over 520 million followers as of 2019, Buddhism is the world's 4th-largest religion.
+When the D-Day forces landed, Hitler was asleep. None of his generals dared send re-enforcements without his permission, and no-one dared wake him.
+18 people were rescued alive from the rubble of the WTC after 9/11.
+60%of South Korean families use professionals to find a name for their babies.
+In Australia, there are more kangaroos than people.
+Ancient Greek democracy, the world's first, lasted for only 185 years.
+Because guinea pigs are prone to loneliness, it's illegal in Switzerland to own just one.
+Speed dating was invented by a Rabbi in 1999.
+One pint of donated blood can save up to 3 lives.
+Violent homes have the same effecton children's brains as combat on soldiers.
+Every 90 seconds, one woman dies during pregnancy or childbirth.
+During the American Civil War, it was necessary to print out money in a hurry, so the Treasury released paper bills with designated values of fractions of a dollar.
+David Bowie performed at the Berlin Wall in 1987 while East Germans gathered to listen behind. You could hear them cheering and singing along from the other side.
+The International Space Station is as roomy as a five-bedroom house and travels at 17,500 mph.
+In Germany, it is illegal to run out of fuel on highways.
+JFK was the 35th President of the U.S. from January 1961 until his assassination in November 1963.
+The CIA operation to invade Cuba and take down Castro was dubbed "Operation Castration.".
+According to Bill Gates, by 2035, there will be almost no poor countries left in the world.
+Your favorite song is probably such because you associate it with an emotional event in your life.
+In the 1950s, Las Vegas crowned a Miss Atomic Bomb.
+In 2011, a monkey was arrested in Pakistan for crossing the border with India.
+The U.S. dropped more than 2 million tons of bombs on Laos from 1964 to 1973 during the Vietnam War. That's equal to a planeload every 8 minutes for 9 years.
+There's an Island in Brazil where civilians are forbidden to go: it has up to 5 snakes per square meter.
+Cheese is the most stolen food in the world.
+It snowed in the Sahara Desert in 1979.
+Christianity was the main religion in Egypt between the Fourth and Sixth Centuries.
+No one knows what Christopher Columbus looked like. No authentic contemporary portraits of him were found. Most just reconstructed his appearance from written descriptions.
+Marijuana has been legal for personal use in Alaska since 1975, and it's still legal today.
+When awake, the human brain produces enough electricity to power a small light bulb.
+Nelson Mandela's name at birth was "Rolihlahla" which means troublemaker.".
+You don't like the original version of a song because it's better. You like it because it's the one you heard first.
+The Eiffel Tower was originally intended for Barcelona, Spain, but the project was rejected.
+At their current birth rate, South Koreans will go extinct by 2750.
+Nearly 700 million Chinese people drink contaminated water.
+Rapper Tupac Shakur was a voracious reader, and particularly enjoyed Shakespeare.
+Multivitamins increase the risk of cancer and heart disease, according to recent studies.
+Male seahorses can get pregnant.
+The World's Oldest Dress was found in Egypt and it is 5,000 years old.
+The highest temperature ever recorded in Antarctica is 58.2F (14.5C).
+Between 1525 and 1866, 12.5 million Africans were kidnaped and sold into slavery in the Americas.
+Our bodies contain about 0.2 milligrams of gold, most of it in our blood.
+Your voice would be deeper on Venus because its dense atmosphere would cause your vocal cords to vibrate more slowly.
+The world's most expensive divorce was estimated at US$2.5 billion.
+Newborn babies can only see in black and white for a few months.
+Spiders are scared of ants due to the formic acid they contain.
+Beer was not considered an alcoholic beverage in Russia until 2013.
+Americans make up 5% of the world's population, and yet, produce 30% of the world's waste and use 25% of the world's resources.
+China executes the death penalty more than 4 times as the rest of the world combined.
+A strawberry isn't an actual berry, but a banana is.
+The International Space Station is the most expensive object ever built, at US$150 billion.
+JFK died younger than any other U.S. president to date.
+Elvis Presley failed a music class in High School.
+Dolphin meat is consumed in Japan and Peru.
+There are 28 million cancer survivors worldwide.
+42%of people in the U.S. have tried marijuana at least once.
+Africa is home to the world's largest living land animal, the African elephant, and the tallest, the Giraffe.
+The longest pregnancy in humans on record is 375 days (12.5 months).
+The atmosphere in Titan, Saturn's Moon, is so thick and the gravity so low, that humans could fly through it by flapping "wings" attached to their arms.
+Monkeys are trained and employed as harvesters of large coconut plantations in Malaysia and Thailand.
+The postage stamp of The Statue of Liberty depicts not the real statue in New York, but the replica in Las Vegas.
+Sand from the Sahara is blown by the wind all the way to the Amazon, recharging its minerals. The desert literally fertilizes the rainforest.
+Koalas store leaves in their cheek pouches to eat them later.
+In Newfoundland, Canada, the Atlantic Ocean sometimes freezes so people play hockey on it.
+When Montenegro became independent from Yugoslavia, its Internet domain name went from .yu to .me.
+Every 2 weeks, on average, someone jumps off the Golden Gate Bridge.
+The Statue Of Liberty's full name is "Liberty Enlightening the World.
+Usain Bolt owns a 3-ton segment of the Berlin Wall.
+Only about 9% of marijuana users become clinically dependent, according to a study.
+McDonalds' Caesar salad is more fattening than their hamburger.
+People pay thousands of dollars to hunt Zebras and other African wildlife on large ranches in Texas.
+Husbands can object to their wives working and prevent them from accepting jobs in 15 economies.
+In 1943, a fissure opened in a farmer's cornfield in Mexico, growing into a five story tall volcano in only a week and up to 1,100 feet after a year.
+The Steppe eagle is the national animal of Egypt.
+Cenosillicaphobia is the fear of an empty beer glass.
+Heart disease is the No. 1 killer of women.
+The word "queue" is pronounced the same way when the last 4 letters are removed.
+New Zealand is the fastest country in the world to start a business: just one day.
+89%of people in Sweden speak English.
+The World Trade Center's most famous survivor and president of its support group, Tania Head, was later found to be a fraud: she wasn't even in NYC on 9/11.
+The Komodo dragon is the national animal of Indonesia.
+Portions of Anne Frank's diary were removed because she described her intimate parts.
+In some European countries, children are given gifts on December 6 rather than in Christmas Day.
+41% of children in Africa aged 5 to 14 are involved in child labour.
+There is a US$1000 sports bra which uses heat sensors to detect signs of breast cancer up to 6 years earlier than a mammogram can.
+There's a Golf Club on the border of Sweden and Finland: half the holes are in one country and half in the other.
+Since 2007, an unfinished skyscraper in Caracas, Venezuela, has been re-appropriated by squatters into a vast 'vertical slum' which now includes grocery stores, hairdressers, and an unlicensed dentist.
+The Leica Camera company helped hundreds of jews before the Holocaust by hiring, and sending them abroad.
+Marital infidelity was punishable with jail in South Korea until 2015.
+"Happy hours" are banned in Ireland.
+A majority of Hindus eat meat, only 30% do not.
+A couple from Paraguay moved in together in 1933. After 80 years, 8 children and 50 grandchildren, the 103-year-old man married his 99-year-old bride.
+Antarctica is the largest desert in the world.
+People with unfortunate initials, such as P.I.G. or A.S.S. have significant lower life expectancy, due to psychological stress related to childhood bullying.
+A giraffe's neck can measure up to 6 feet (1.8 m) long.
+A giraffe's spots are like human fingerprints: no two individual giraffes have exactly the same pattern.
+1%of the World's Water Is Drinkable.
+Most astronauts become two inches taller in space.
+Anne Frank, Martin Luther King Jr. and Barbara Walters were all born in the same year.
+In August, 2015, Big Ben's Clock was discovered to be running 6 seconds fast, and coins were removed from its pendulum to correct the error.
+Voting is mandatory in Brazil.
+While most of the Amazon rainforest is in Brazil (60%), it's also in Peru (13%), Colombia (10%), Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia and three countries.
+The Simpson's couch gag is actually a trick used by the writers to make the show longer or shorter.
+The French government gives medals to citizens who have "successfully raised several children with dignity.".
+Most lifeboats launched off the Titanic were not filled to capacity.
+New Zealand was undiscovered and completely devoid of human beings no more than 800 years ago.
+Fidel Castro led Cuba for five decades and was the world's third longest-serving head of state, after Britain's Queen Elizabeth and the King of Thailand.
+Octopus wrestling was a popular sport in the 1960s. A diver would fight an octopus in shallow water and drag it to the surface.
+The beautiful symmetry of a total solar eclipse happens because by pure chance the sun is 400 times larger than the moon, but is also 400 times farther from Earth, making the two bodies appear the exact same size in the sky.
+As a child, Hitler wanted to be a priest.
+McDonalds opens a new restaurant every 14.5 hours.
+2% of couples have fallen in love in a supermarket, according to a survey.
+In 1863, Venezuela became the first modern country to abolish the death penalty for all crimes.
+Although some individual zebras have been domesticated, most cannot. They are unpredictable and known to attack people.
+The Confederacy was never recognized by any foreign country during the American Civil War.
+Due to the Paraguay's central location in South America, it is sometimes referred to as the "Heart of South America".
+Ounce by ounce, Nutritious food costs up to 10 times more than junk food.
+McDonald's is the world's largest distributor of toys.
+10% of the world's population is left-handed.
+Gold has been discovered on every continent on earth.
+The smell of chocolate increases theta brain waves, which triggers relaxation.
+After hitting the iceberg, it took the Titanic 2 hours and 40 minutes to sink.
+America's first slave owner was a black man.
+Nazi Joseph Goebbels' wife's descendants are Germany's richest family nowadays.
+A month after the nuclear bombing of Hiroshima, a typhoon hit the city killing another 2,000 people.
+Mobile phones have 18 times more bacteria than toilet handles.
+Norway was ranked the world's #1 country in the 2014 Prosperity Index for wealth and well-being.
+Alexander the Great was simultaneously the King of Macedonia, Pharaoh of Egypt, King of Persia, and King of Asia.
+Written language was invented independently by the Egyptians, Sumerians, Chinese, and Mayans.
+North Korea is the world's only nation to currently have a US Navy ship captured.
+The weird offspring of a donkey and a zebra is called a "zonkey.
+Coffee is the world's second most valuable traded commodity, only behind petroleum.
+The extinct Ubykh language, spoken in the Caucasus until 1992, holds the record for most consonants: it had 83 but only two vowels.
+Within three days of death, the enzymes that once digested your dinner begin to eat you.
+John F. Kennedy won a Pulitzer Prize in 1957, although much of the book was ghostwritten by his aide Theodore Sorensen.
+Mexico is the 11th most populous country in the world with 121 million people.
+Of all women killed globally in 2012, it is estimated that almost half were killed by a partner or relative compared to less than 6% of men.
+About 69% of smokers want to quit completely.
+Your brain keeps developing until your late 40s.
+The RMS Titanic was built in Belfast, Northern Ireland.
+More people in the world are suffering from obesity than from hunger.
+Cockroaches get lonely and even become ill if they are left alone for too long.
+Everything you say to Siri is sent to Apple, analyzed and stored.
+Cockroaches shed their skin.
+Cockroaches raised in space become quicker, stronger, faster, and tougher than cockroaches on Earth.
+Uranus was the first planet discovered with a telescope.
+Uranus orbits the Sun at a distance of about 2.8 billion km (1.7 billion mi) and completes one orbit every 84 years.
+The surface gravities of Venus, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune are all quite similar (within 15%) to Earth's.
+In Ancient Rome, the punishment for killing one's father was the death penalty, consisting of being sewn up in a sack along with a viper, a dog, and a rooster.
+Cockroaches have their own Neighborhoods.
+63 Earths can fit inside Uranus.
+Many fish species are known to change sex during the course of their lives.
+Uranus' axis of rotation is tilted sideways, so its north and south poles lie where most other planets have their equators.
+Headless cockroaches are capable of living for weeks. They die from starvation.
+Uranus has the coldest planetary atmosphere in the Solar System, with a minimum temperature of -371.56 F (224 C).
+Cockroaches are among the world's fartiest species.
+There is a newly found cockroach species in the U.S. that can survive freezing temperatures.
+The weeks before Christmas is the most popular time for couples to break up, according to data analyzed from Facebook.
+Uranus is the third-largest planet in the Solar System.
+The summer in Uranus is 42 years long.
+The wind speeds on Uranus can reach 560 mph (900 km/h).
+Jupiter has 67 moons, Saturn has 62, Uranus 27, Neptune 14, Mars 2 and Earth just one.
+Uranus' moons are named after characters from the works of Shakespeare and Alexander Pope.
+Uranus was originally called "George's Star" (Georgium Sidus).
+Cockroaches appeared 120 million years before dinosaurs.
+In 1964, the FBI mailed Martin Luther King, Jr. a letter accusing him of extramarital affairs and suggesting he should commit suicide.
+Many animals have been reported to commit suicide, including dogs, cows, bulls, and sheep.
+The Golden Gate Bridge is the #1 suicide site in the world.
+Instead of kissing, mothers of the Manchu tribe used to show affection by sucking their child's penis in public, because kissing was considered sexual.
+Out of their natural habitat more than 60% of male pandas exhibit no sexual desire at all.
+In Catalonia (Spain), a smiley-faced piece of wood called "Shitting Log" poops out the presents in Christmas.
+1 in every 5 couples has a sexless marriage, having less than 10 encounters a year.
+A group of cockroaches is called an intrusion.
+More people commit suicide in New York City than are murdered.
+It is estimated that 25-30% of suicides are accompanied by a note.
+Nearly half the gold ever mined has come from one place: Witwatersrand, South Africa.
+Homosexuals are 39% more likely to be left-handed.
+1 in every 5 people in Greenland attempt suicide at some point in their lives.
+The Golden Gate Bridge is the #1 suicide site in the world.
+1 in 10 Americans thinks HTML, the language of web pages, is a sexually transmitted disease.
+The Japanese authorities constructed a fence around a volcano at Mount Mihara to stop a trend of over 2000 people committing suicide by jumping in.
+There's a species of fish called "Slippery Dick".
+There is a small village in France called "Pussy".
+A San Francisco Highway Patrol Officer, called Kevin Briggs, has talked approximately 200 people out of suicide on the Golden Gate Bridge since 1994.
+The SEX Party in Australia is looking to legalize marijuana, euthanasia, censorship, abortion, and tax the church.
+Every 40 seconds, someone commits suicide.
+The Ache tribe of Paraguay believe that babies inherit the characteristics of all the men who have had sex with the mother during pregnancy.
+Human pollution has caused the average length of polar bears' penises to shrink.
+Most people who commit suicide, do it on a Wednesday.
+The bonobo monkey, the closest relative to humans, is naturally bisexual.
+More people commit suicide in New York City than are murdered.
+You have Taste receptors in the stomach, intestines, pancreas, lungs, anus, testicles and the brain.
+The average married couple has sex 68.5 times a year, which is slightly more than once a week.
+1 in 25 U.S. teenagers has attempted suicide.
+Jesus never talks about homosexuality in the Bible.
+More U.S. soldiers committed suicide than died in combat in 2012.
+In Russia it's now Illegal to tell kids Gay People Exist.
+Nepal was the first country in Asia to introduce gay marriage. It has also outlawed the death penalty.
+Female koalas, when in captivity, can engage in lesbian behaviour.
+Auschwitz was first constructed to hold Polish political prisoners, who began to arrive in May 1940.
+More people died in Auschwitz than the British and American losses of WW2 combined.
+About 1 in 6 Jews killed in the Holocaust died at Auschwitz.
+Witold Pilecki, a Polish soldier, volunteered to be imprisoned in Auschwitz in order to gather information, escape and let the world know about the Holocaust.
+144 prisoners are known to have escaped from Auschwitz successfully.
+1.1 million people died during the four and a half years of Auschwitz's existence.
+Besides Jews, others deported to Auschwitz included 150,000 Poles, 23,000 Romani and Sinti, 15,000 Soviet prisoners of war and 400 Jehovah's Witnesses.
+Auschwitz's camp commandant Rudolf Hoss, was arrested in 1946, convicted of murder and hanged at the camp.
+About 60 million Reichmarks, equivalent to 125m today, was generated for the Nazi state by slave labour at Auschwitz during the Holocaust. \ No newline at end of file